The Otterbox field trip will expose students to a variety of interesting careers

The Otterbox field trip will provide students with a chance to explore the different opportunities it presents.


The Otterbox Field Trip is taking place on September 27 at 9:00 AM

Counselors are hoping a career program with a field trip to Otterbox will help students understand career pathways and explore their interests.

The world is full of thousands of careers in varying fields, and many high school students don’t know what to choose. The counseling office receives far too many students telling them that deciding a future career is a difficulty. Even at the end of their senior year, many are still saying they’ll “figure it out later,” or they’ll “just take some time off.” 

The Otterbox field trip will provide unsure students with an insight into the many jobs at Otterbox, in the hope that one may inspire a career path. “We thought we need to expose students to more careers while they’re still in high school,” said counselor Mr. Anthony Elliot, who is enthusiastic about the program. 

On the field trip, students will meet with people from Otterbox, a company that specializes in electronic accessories, to learn about careers in business, sales, marketing, engineering, customer service, product development, and philanthropy. According to Elliot, students will get an understanding of different Otterbox jobs and how their workers achieved their careers. They’ll also take a tour of the Otterbox facility. 

The field trip to Otterbox is only one part of a program designed to help students choose a career. “During [the week of the trip], we’re going to have three different career speakers come in and speak to students on business-related careers,” Elliot said. The program also includes a week in November specializing in health careers and first responders. In March the focus will be energy and STEM careers, while in April it will be trades and vocations careers, according to Elliot.

The appeal of the Otterbox field trip doesn’t just apply to students unsure about their future careers. “I just want to learn more about the company and why they make such good products,” said William Dickerson (’22) who will be attending the field trip. 

Similarly, the thrill of the business world also appealed to Gabrielle Angus (’21). “I’m really into business and just seeing how things run. I thought [the field trip] would be a way to learn and see exactly how business is run,” Angus said.

Signing up for this field trip was not something to put off until later. It is already completely booked with eager students.   

Whether students need help choosing a future career, or they’re just interested in the Otterbox company and other businesses, this field trip provides the perfect opportunity to expand students’ interests.