Parent-teacher conferences are drawing near

Conferences are coming up and there is a short and easy way to get yourself an appointment

Amme Cook, Writer

Parent-teacher conferences are drawing near.

“The fall conferences are on September 26 from three o’clock in the afternoon until eight o’clock in the evening,” said Mrs. Lisa Shields, the MHS communications secretary.

The parent portal to schedule appointments was opened on September 16. 

Parents are encouraged to sign up to discuss their students progress.

The portal is on the Mead High School website. You can also access it through

According to Shields, all our have to do is “Put in your students’ information, and then it pulls up your students’ schedule and all of their teachers.” 

You can choose which teachers you’d like to hear from depending on your students’ grades and progress in specific classes. 

“Even at the high school level parent-teacher conferences are important,” she said.

With all of the pressures that come with high school, it’s important to stay connected to your teachers.

She would also like to include that it’s good for parents to be involved with their students’ school life, as well as knowing who their child’s teachers are. 

Parent-teacher conferences are the perfect time to do that.

Translation services will be provided. “If the teacher is aware, they will contact Mrs. Loughran or the St. Vrain Valley School District translator who will reach out to the parents to get the conferences scheduled for them.”

The website has a note feature that can be used to request a translator if necessary.

If you can’t make these upcoming conferences, don’t worry. The school will be hosting more on November 7 and February 27.