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Mrs. Mackey is one of the Intergrated class teachers. She teaches with Mrs. Sandoval.

Students find ease of learning in Integrated English and History

Students say it’s a fun class, but is it?

Integrated English and History is a popular class. Many students enjoy taking the course during their freshman year. They believe it is better than taking two separate classes for English and History.

Integrated English and History is a freshman course. For this course, Mrs. Andrea Mackey is the English teacher, and Mrs. Rachel Sandoval is the history teacher. 

There is another combined class that is taught by Mrs. Cassie Sonnenberg (English) and Mr. Andrew Steitz (history). 

Both subjects are taught simultaneously, and there is not a specific day for either subject. The subjects are blended together throughout each lesson.

Another unique concept is that honors and grade level students attend the same class and complete the same assignments. Honors students will typically receive extra classwork to complete, even though they have the same homework assignments. 

When asked if she would recommend taking Integrated to incoming freshman, Allison Wittern (‘21) said yes, and that Mrs. Sandoval and Mrs. Mackey are still her some of her favorite teachers to this day.

Wittern also said she enjoyed the class overall, and even as a freshman, Mrs. Sandoval and Mrs. Mackey made the class even better. 

“I really liked having both of them as teachers, because Mrs. Mackey would focus more on the English part, and Mrs. [Sandoval] would focus on the history part, but they were both good at doing either.”

Most students loved taking the Integrated Class. The majority thought that it was a lot of fun and a good start to their freshman year.

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