Adulting 101 courses allow students to learn more about possible career paths.

This is a set of courses benefits all students looking to the future


Amme Cook

The poster for the September adulting 101 course, posted outside Mrs. Hedlun’s room- D134.

Every kid has asked themselves at one point if school really helps you take on the challenges of adulthood; whether it’s calculating the surface area of a triangle or attempting to memorize every element on the periodic table for reasons that you haven’t quite figured out.

Next time you ask that thought enters your mind, you should think about the MHS “Adulting 101” course.

It’s a course that provides students with the opportunity to discuss the in’s and out’s of careers in different fields. 

Its purpose is to push students of every grade into thinking more about their future and where they are planning to go after high school. 

The first of these four courses were focused on creating a business and business management. Students were able to hear presentations and interact with the general manager of Blue Ocean Real Estate Management, the co-founder of Ziggi’s Coffee, and the Chief Operating Officer of Oogie’s snacks which is a Colorado-based gourmet popcorn shop.

The school also provided a field trip to OtterBox on Friday, September 27 in Fort Collins. MHS students toured the facility and learned the components of each job that help the company run smoothly.

Signing up and attending these short classes can be an effective way for students to identify career fields that may interest them.

Don’t be discouraged if you missed the last session; there is still hope for your future.

The next set of guest speakers are from the emergency services field and will be speaking with students in November. Only the first 30 students will be able to attend each session, so sign up as soon as it is posted in Naviance if you are interested.

What were they really like?

You’re probably telling yourself that going to one of these sessions is just a waste of time and that if you did go it would only be for the free pizza because hearing the life story of an elderly businessman isn’t how you want to spend your lunch.

I attended the Ziggi’s Coffee session and was pleasantly surprised at the end when I had actually learned some useful information.

I entered the room where the class was held and took a seat next to one of my friends. The bell had rung and all the students who had signed up were accounted for, so the presentation began.

Mr. Brandon Knudsen, the co-founder of Ziggi’s Coffee first talked about where the idea to create his own business came from—how he’d started at the bottom of a coffee company chain and worked his way up. I’d learned how he transferred from company to company before deciding with his wife that they should try for a business of their own. As well as all the financial struggles between then.

He told us the kind of education we should reach when wanting to own a business in food production. He didn’t stress the importance of college education, he simply learned how to run a business from experience.

He saved time at the end to answer questions about his job and company. The students had questions about wages and how to deal with bad employees.

I learned how a man with very little to begin with created a successful chain of coffee shops by simply just working hard and being patient.

Thanks to this session, I’m fairly confident that I could run a coffee shop of my own, but I’m not saying that it would be a successful one. I would recommend signing up for an upcoming session because the worst that could happen is you learn a thing or two about the workforce.