Mead High School’s mascot gets an upgrade

With the same design since 2009, the school felt like it was time to give the poor maverick something new


The new Mavro head displayed

The school’s mascot, Mavro, has recently gotten a new suit and an upgrade. 

“The old one was lost, we don’t know where the bottom of the costume went…we put it down in the outside school store and then went down to go find it and it wasn’t there,” said Corby Tecu, (‘22).

Mavro has had the same style since the school opened in 2009. Now, however, with the missing costume, he will be given a new suit. 

Mavro has had the same fuzzy coat for 10 years and, over the years, the beloved school mascot began to fall apart. The tail began to detach from the body and the horns began to tear from the head, due to students pulling on them.

Now, in order to protect the mascot’s new suit, student council has decided to give Mavro a designated posse of students to guard him. This is being done to hopefully prevent damage to the suit that isn’t necessary.