Why I love music

Music is an amazing part of everyday life, and I hope that you will find as much joy in it as I do


The cover for “The Divine Feminine” by Mac Miller

I have always loved music. I listen to it every chance I get. Every time I get in the car, some type of music has to be playing or I go insane. Every time I shower, I blast my favorite tunes and belt it out because I know every lyric to every song. Each time I sit down at my desk to write a poem or journal entry, I play music that penetrates my soul so that I can be inspired.

Music represents who I am and how I think, and it shows a side of me others would never guess, like how I secretly love Logic and Mac Miller despite liking calmer bands in the past. Also, I’m in two different choirs and have played the violin for six years.

Music brings me something that conversations and poetry can’t. Music is a miracle. It can help me when I feel low, and a beautiful song brings me inspiration. It’s there for me when I am alone or bored. My life is never silent. I’m either blasting it, or I have headphones in.

My love for music started when I was three. I listened to an 80’s CD on my mom’s old Walkman nonstop.  I listened to it in every car ride and sang along to every song until my brother told me to shut up. I still love 80’s music, but I have expanded my collection over the years.

In elementary school, I loved Kidz Bop but later learned to love the original songs that played on the radio. I was also a big fan of Big Time Rush and Katy Perry. I had every BTR album and jammed out to Katy Perry in my best friend’s basement.

Middle school saw my “emo” phase, like Twenty-One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, and Melanie Martinez. Twenty-One Pilots is still one of my favorite bands today. I saw them in concert last November, and it was a dream come true.

Now, my music range has bloomed. It ranges from calm Billie Eilish to beat heavy Logic. I have added my favorite songs over the past five years and a few days ago to a playlist that I’ve shared with you guys at the end of this article. This will become a weekly column where I will create playlists based on the music taste of myself, my friends and family, and students and teachers at the school. I want to show people the importance and power of music.

I’m pretty sure with the crazy, random selection I have, there has to be something you’ll enjoy. Every song on the playlist means something to me in some way because there’s a memory tied behind it, or I just really enjoy the way it sounds.

Two of my favorite songs are “Rivers and Roads” by the Head and the Heart and “temporary nothing” by mxmtoon. “Rivers and Roads” was a song that my boyfriend and I listened to one night because I told him how much I liked it, and there was a certain feeling when we listened to it. I sang my heart out and danced, and he laughed at me the whole time. We had a moment. It was night and we were just goofing off and having a good time one summer night. He doesn’t like my music, but it’s always sweet when he cooperates and listens to it just for me.

“temporary nothing” is a song that came on when I was having a really rough night, and the lyrics were exactly what I was going through and exactly what I needed to hear. The song is subtle, her voice is beautiful, and the lyrics are meaningful and deep. I feel like what she’s talking about is what a lot of people deal with, not wanting to feel at all, just be happy forever. Just feeling so low that feelings don’t matter, and you just don’t want to feel them anymore. But then realizing that pain is temporary, and it’s important to feel things because that’s the point of being human. If you were happy constantly, life would be boring.

I hope you like my very dysfunctional playlist. 

There’s something for evry1