Why my brother loves music

From rap to country to reggae, my brother loves a variety of music


Cameron’s favorite album, Blessings by Sublime With Rome

My brother and I are so different you’d swear we weren’t related. We can’t agree on anything. We argue about everything: sports, food, clothes, people, and the biggest thing we’ve never agreed upon, until a month ago, is music. I’ve always been into indie, alternative, calm music, but he has always been into country and rap music. The only genre of music we agreed on was rock, with bands such as Green Day, Blink-182, and others. I grew up with him blasting his music in the car and shower and then I started copying his behavior because I realized I wanted to love music as much as he did. So I guess you can say my ability to love different music stemmed from my brother, especially as I try to give his music more chances. 

As explained before, he likes country and rap, but he also likes hip-hop like Post Malone, Reggae like Sublime with Rome, punk rock like Rise Against, and a select few artists and bands from alternative rock, like Oliver Tree. He likes just about everything except Indie, which is mostly what I listen to. The thing is, whenever I listen to a song, I listen to the lyrics and I listen to the meaning behind the song. But when Cameron listens to music, he likes the lyrics in one genre and the music in the other. When he listens to rap, he listens to the lyrics more and when he listens to rock, he listens to the music. He likes when rappers meet with producers and the producers make the beat first and the rapper has to write lyrics around the beat. 

One day I asked him why, and this is what he said, “I think that’s way more respectable than when bands come up with lyrics and produce music around that”. He likes listening to the instruments in a rock song. He said, “I love listening to the drums and guitar a lot. That’s by far way harder than just making a beat on a computer.” He has respect for all artists, he just enjoys the variety in the numerous ways music is produced. Also, it’s easier for him to hear the words in rap than in a band because rappers sound clearer in their music than when guys in a band sing. 

Cameron has a love for music that runs deep because he overthinks everything. Listening to music helps calm down his thoughts and helps him focus on something rather than his thoughts. He puts his focus on how much he likes or dislikes the song. Music also influences his mood. In another conversation, he said, “Whether it’s a song that I connect with or has a happy or sad memory tied to it.” He likes to listen to music that can help him calm his thoughts down or just to make him happy when he’s upset. Even when he was in Turkey for two years for an LDS mission, he listened to the pop and Turkish rap music that played on the radio to get him through his hard and trying days.

Music has influenced him in many ways and his love for music has definitely rubbed off on me. I know that my playlist was very dysfunctional with the different genres and songs, but Cameron’s playlist is even more sporadic and scattered. His music range is much more intense, going from screaming to a slow melody in just one song. It’s very different and unusual, but that’s just what makes it his own. Every song means something to him. And I find that to be beautiful, and also kind of insane. I hope you enjoy. 

Check out his playlist “favs” to get a taste of his music and find your next Mav Hit