Why my boyfriend “likes” music

Take a glimpse into Jarom Diaz’s taste in music


Sometimes the people we love have flaws, like being annoying some days, talking nonstop, and even liking predictable, popular music. Jarom Diaz, my boyfriend, is the most stubborn person I’ve ever met when it comes to music. I’m picky when it comes to what I eat, but he’s picky with the music he likes to listen to. You see, I like a lot of genres: rock, rap, indie, and alternative, but he can’t stand any of it. With Cameron, my brother, we both like rock and rap, but Jarom can’t stand any of my music. It either has no soul put into it or there’s low effort. “It doesn’t feel creative,” he said. He has always liked older music and never anything newer.

In particular, he adores the Beatles and the lovely sound that they produce. I also love the Beatles. They have an amazing sound, and even though their music is old, they are still one of the best groups of artists out there. 

Jarom Diaz is my boyfriend but also my best friend. I’ve known him since we were seven; we became friends in middle school and started dating two years ago. You see, I’ve known Jarom for years, and from what I’ve seen over these past few years, he doesn’t love music. Even when I asked him if he loves music, he said “I don’t love music. I like it.”

In middle school, he tried to listen to Twenty One Pilots and My Chemical Romance because his friend made him, but he never really liked those bands. He’ll listen to my music in the car, but when I ask him if he likes the song, he never does. He always has the same reason: “It doesn’t have real instruments; It doesn’t have soul.”

The thing is, he’s very musically inclined: he’s played the cello for seven years and started guitar a few months ago, but he just doesn’t like listening to anything other than the Beatles. When he does find an artist he likes, he likes their music because it’s complicated. He believes that all the parts have to work well together to create something that sounds perfect.

I asked him why he tends to like older music, and he said, “Older music has a unique sound. Nowadays, everyone uses electrical sounds like a midi, and they are all the same, and there’s no soul.” 

When you play instruments, everyone has their own style of playing it. He said, “Rap and pop music sound similar. They all feel the same but don’t sound the same. They don’t feel human, they feel fake.” He strongly believes that the only way music can be truly good is if people put their heart and soul into what they’re producing. 

I told Jarom I would never like the Beatles. I wasn’t the biggest fan of older music. I’d listen to it just for the heck of it, but it was never my favorite. One day, he made me listen to them, and they actually weren’t that bad. I started to listen to them more and more and realized they were really good.

The first song he showed me was “Love Me Do”, and I instantly fell in love with it. The harmonica is a beautiful instrument that compliments the song so well. I’m not sure what “love me do” even means, but the way Paul McCartney belts out the lyrics is so beautiful; you can tell he is very passionate about music.

I find this very ironic because Jarom almost took “Love Me Do” off of the playlist. His favorite song changes every two weeks, so at the moment, his favorite song is “Something” by the Beatles. He loves this song because it has a lot of musicality, using  multiple increments of instruments, like piano, bass, guitar, cello, and much more.

There was a quote he liked but couldn’t recall who said it: “The best love songs don’t have the words ‘I love you’ in the song.” Also, there’s an awesomely funny part after Helter Skelter when Ringo yells, “I’ve got blisters on my fingers!” We laugh every time. Again, it shows just how much they love the music and that they actually played the instruments and didn’t use computer generated sounds. 

The Beatles have a unique sound to them that I’ve never heard before. Jarom would play their songs on his guitar, I’d sing along, and eventually, they grew on me so much, I wanted their CDs to listen to in my old 2006 Toyota Corolla, which doesn’t have fancy bluetooth.

Jarom wanted to buy me the CDs, but they were expensive, so being the sweet guy that he is, he bought $2 CDs off of Amazon and burned some of his favorite Beatles songs onto them.  What’s in this playlist is all 41 of the best songs from the Beatles that he put onto those CDs and then some.

Check out his playlist, Skrrt Bops, to get a taste of older music and find your next Mav Hit.