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“I’ve always loved math and explaining math to people,” said Mrs. Leigh Ann Emberg, a math teacher.

Teacher Features: Mrs. Emberg

Mrs. Leigh Ann Emberg, an Algebra 1 and PreCalculus teacher here at Mead, gives us some insight into her life.

Mrs. Leigh Ann Emberg is a math teacher at MHS. She teaches Algebra 1 and PreCalculus. Everyone who has had Mrs. Emberg as a teacher would agree that she is an understanding, incredible teacher. When asked to describe herself in three words, she replied with “understanding”, “quiet”, and “optimistic”.

Emberg graduated from the University of Alabama with an undergraduate degree in math. She then pursued a master’s degree in secondary education.  

“I think [math has] probably been my favorite subject since I was in second grade,” she said.

When she was in high school, Mrs. Emberg was a “peer tutor”. She explained that she would organize study sessions and help her friends with their math homework.

“I’ve always loved math and explaining math to people,” she said.

Mrs. Emberg really enjoys the “logical” side of mathematics. There is always only one answer and either you get it correct or you don’t. It’s not “subjective” like other school subjects.

She said, “As long as you know how to do [the] process, it works every time.”

When she isn’t teaching, Mrs. Emberg is going hiking, watching movies or going out to eat with her husband. She and her husband also love to travel together. Both of them are from Alabama. 

She is also currently learning guitar from her husband, which is a difficult switch as she played the flute all throughout high school. 

Mrs. Emberg has two older sisters and an older brother, along with two nieces and a nephew.

She decided to move to Colorado because her grandparents lived here and she “fell in love” with Colorado at a very young age.

One of Mrs. Emberg’s favorite aspects of teaching is when it becomes apparent that a student understands a concept. 

“I truly love that moment when [a] student ‘gets it,’” she said.

She also enjoys having all of the interesting personalities of her students in her classroom. “Interacting” with her students is one of her favorite parts of her job as a teacher. 

She said, “It’s really fun… to talk to [my students].” 

Mrs. Emberg has been teaching for seven total years. She taught at two middle schools in Alabama for a year and at a high school in Louisiana for another year. The 2019-2020 school year is her fifth year teaching at MHS. 

She said that she “fell in love with Mead” and that she “can’t see [herself] going anywhere else”. 

Overall, she is enjoying her time at Mead and we are grateful to have her here.

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