Answers to the crossword puzzle from the print edition

Here are the answers from the crossword puzzle featured in the Spring 2020 Print Edition.


The crossword featured in the print edition.


1. What is the name of the teacher-student band? 

  • StaffInfection

7. Mead has a festival every year celebrating which local crop?

  • sugarbeet

9. What are Ms. Krack’s least favorite animals?

  • dolphins

10. What was the 2019 fall play?

  • RadiumGirls

11. Which teacher used to live in Argentina?

  • MsHelmus

12. What is the newest required class at MHS?

  • PersonalFinancialLiteracy

13. What is the name of Mead’s mascot?

  • Mavro

14. Who was the town of Mead named after?

  • DrMartinSMead

15. Which subject did Ms. Ayers teach before she became Mead’s principal?

  • math


2. What unique festival does MHS have annually?

  • FilmFest

3. Which sport had its best season yet this year?

  • BoysSoccer

4. Which teacher got his degree in Religious studies?

  • MrParsons

5. Mr. Holskin coaches which sport?

  • Tennis

6. Which teacher used to be a body-builder?

  • MrRoot

7. The SOS group at MHS stands for what?

  • SourcesOfStrength

8. Who is the founder of MavTV?

  • RyanYancey