The spirit bus has been cancelled

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, only certain personnel are permitted in the Denver coliseum during the boys varsity basketball game.


Mead High's Basketball hoop

Due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, there will no longer be a spirit bus going to the Denver coliseum.

For students who paid for a game ticket and spirit bus ride, there will be refunds in the front office. There will still be viewing of the game via live stream. There will be an opportunity to subscribe through this link, and there is a subscription fee for $10.99 for the first thirty days. The game itself will continue as planned but there will be no unauthorized personnel in attendance.

 While there was a reason for the banning of unauthorized personnel, there is still disappointment around the school. “I can see why they didn’t let them go, but it’s kind of sad that the people that really want to support us and that have been supporting us don’t get to go,” says Trey Ward #5 (‘20). Even though there won’t be a spirit bus or a student section a t the game make sure to show you school spirit and support for the boys basketball team by wearing your Maverick gear.