Things to help you pass the time while in quarantine

Don’t just eat because of boredom, do something that will keep you entertained.


Marina Goter

Though our options are limited this year, enjoying our breaks from school isn’t impossible.

With everyone being stuck inside, It’s hard not to get bored. But instead of eating your boredom away, here are some things I do to keep me entertained.

1. Have a family game night.
Put those devices away and spend time with family to take your mind off of things, maybe play a game.

2. Yoga
Yoga can be a great stress relief to take time for yourself and there are plenty of apps and youtube videos to follow along with.

3. Face masks
Homemade face masks can be fun pass time and can be made with everyday household items like oatmeal or honey. Click this link for nine amazing face mask recipes.

4. Try Baking/Cooking
Despite being messy, baking/cooking kills time and leaves you with a snack afterward. It also might leave you with some skills that will be helpful later on.

5. Art
Drawing, coloring or painting can be a good stress reliever as well as help the long days at home go by faster. 

6. Video Chat
If you’re missing your friends, but can’t leave the house, video chatting is a great way to stay in touch. You can use Zoom, Facetime, Snapchat, or other apps to connect. 

7. Binge-watch
This is the perfect time to watch all of the things you wanted to but have never had the time and there are so many platforms to watch on; Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney+, YouTube, and many more! There are many amazing shows and movie series that have several seasons or movies such as:

  • Comedy 
    • Parks and Recreation (Series)
    • Gilmore Girls (Series)
    • The Office (Series)
    • New Girl (Series)
    • The good place (Series)
    • Brooklynn nine-nine (Series)
    • Bob’s Burgers (Series)
    • Zombieland (Movie)
    • Open Season (Movie)
    • Shrek (Movie)
  • Drama
    • On My Block (Series)
    • Grey’s Anatomy (Series)
    • All American (Series)
    • The Vampire Diaries (Series)
    • Bates Motel (Series)
    • NCIS (Series)
    • V-wars (Series)
    • Scandal (Series)
    • The Walking Dead (Series)
    • What Happened to Monday (Movie)
    • The Kissing Booth (Movie)
    • Room (Movie)
  • Scary/Suspenseful 
    • The Haunting of Hill House (Series)
    • Harry Potter (Movie)
    • The Autopsy of Jane Doe (Movie)
    • American Horror Story (Series)
    • Birdbox (Movie)
    • The Walking Dead (Series)
    • Insidious (Movie)
    • Us (Movie)
    • Would you Rather (Movie)
    • In the Tall Grass (Movie)
    • Friend Request (Movie)
    • Death Note (Movie)
    • Don’t Knock Twice (Movie)
    • He’s Out There (Movie)
    • Hush (Movie)

Although this is a hard time, keeping your mind occupied is a good way to make the time go faster during the quarantine.


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