What Mead High School students need to know about online learning

An update about online learning from Mead’s Principal, Rachael Ayers.


Marina Goter

Some students choose to enroll in LaunchED because they want to wait to continue partially in-person learning until there is an official COVID-19 vaccine, while others simply find that they learn better online.

This information is specific to Mead High School and complements the information given by Superintendent, Don Haddad, as well a recent article published on The Mav.

“To ensure a successful start, we are going to begin online courses in core classes, AP classes, and Concurrent classes on March 30, 2020. On April 13, we will add all elective courses,” said Mrs. Rachael Ayers. 

Students are expected to participate in the online learning process until the end of second semester. 

To begin the online learning process, MHS students should visit their core teachers’ pages on Monday morning for next week’s assignments. Teachers will be putting their own lesson plans on Schoology instead of the district’s online curriculum.

All teachers will be holding office hours between 9:30 a.m.-noon each day, to help students, that corresponds with student’s A and B day schedules. You can access your teachers via email, google hangouts or other platforms they may use.  

All students should download “Cisco Webex Meetings” on their school iPad in case their teachers use it as a form of communication. This can be found on the self-service app on the i-Pads. For any questions regarding i-Pads or online learning, reach out to the librarian, Mrs. Bortz.

To access teachers for questions or assistance via phone, you can use the school’s main line, (720)494-3940, and then dial the teacher’s five-digit extension. You can find a teacher’s extension on the MHS website by clicking on the staff member’s name. Any phone message that you leave will go directly to a teacher’s email.

You can always reach administration or counselors, staff will be answering phones and following up with families as needed.

Students should plan for about 2-2.5 hours to complete online learning assignments each day and should be checking Schoology each day for updates and assignments.

Seniors, there’s not much of an update at this time about graduation, but there are conversations going on about having the year end on a positive note to recognize your hard work over the years. If families have ideas about what this might look like, reach out to Principal Ayers.