My binge-watching guide for bored quarantiners

10 Netflix suggestions you can go and watch now!


Binge-watch something on Netflix to help pass the time

Feeling bored while stuck inside is something many, if not all, of us have felt at some point already. And if you’ve managed to find the bottom of the “For You” page on TikTok, or have refreshed your Instagram feed for the millionth time; how about we try something else. Let’s binge watch some awesome TV shows and movies on Netflix! That’s always a good way to kill some time. Here are my top 10 suggestions ranging from horror movies to cooking shows.

The Haunting of Hill House – This is a 10 episode, horror-filled show that will absolutely scare your pants off. The series follows the Crain family and their time living in a haunted house. Calling it a “haunted house” is putting it lightly…there is way more to it than that. But I’ll let you guys watch it and figure out what I mean by that. The acting and storyline are enough to keep you intrigued, while the horror and scary elements keep you wondering why you’re still watching instead of covering your eyes. 

Hush – Directed by the same person who adapted The Haunting of Hill House, Hush offers a more silent approach to horror. It follows a deaf writer living by herself when suddenly she’s fighting against an armed intruder. The silence kills —literally— and creates a very suspenseful movie that if you haven’t seen, I highly praise this as one of the best horror movies out there. 

Sex Education – Going to start off and say: give this show a chance, it’s not at all what you think. Otis is a very friendly guy and although he does give some sex advice, that’s not at all the main focus of this show. It’s essentially about these two best friends trying to survive high school and end up finding love (sort of) along the way. The story is funny, heartwarming, and emotional at times, and perfect for binge-watching because every episode is so entertaining.

Good Girls – Two sisters and their best friend rob a grocery store to try and get control over their lives, but find themselves caught up stealing from a gang. They have to run “errands” in exchange for the money they stole, and they end up doing a lot of illegal and stupid things. That being said, it offers hilarious scenes with the girls and shows what lengths they will go to to keep each other from being caught. 

Big Mouth – Three seasons of animated, inappropriate, but comedic material. The whole show is about these kids going through puberty, and we get to watch them interact with their own “hormone monster” to figure everything out. Like I said, super inappropriate, but hilarious all at the same time. If you’re a teenager, you’re probably going to love this.

Sweetheart – A horror/thriller survival movie, following this girl who wakes up on a remote island with no signs of escape. Everything seems normal until she discovers that some dangerous creature roams the island during the night. Although the plot seems somewhat overused, the performance of our main character really makes this movie shine out to me. What really stood out during this movie was the heavy use of practical effects over CGI, which made everything come together more horrifying and gave a “real” feel. 

The Office – This needs no introduction or say of my opinion. If you haven’t seen it, what are you doing??!

I Am Not Okay With This – 17-year old Sydney thinks she either has superpowers… Or she’s going crazy. Together, her and her new friend Stanley must figure out what she’s really capable of, and where these powers came from. The show has really short episodes, and watching them all in succession makes it feel like a movie. The acting is fantastic, the story is well developed, and the last episode is mind-blowing!

You – This show takes stalking to the extremes in a very entertaining way. A bookseller falls in love with one of his customers, and as any normal person would do, he decides to stop at no lengths to make sure she likes him back. That includes murdering people in his way, stalking her social media to know her location at all times; lots of creepy stuff. The entertainment value comes with his personality. He is such a likable guy and, yes, he just killed someone, but look at how nice and sweet he’s being! 

Zumbo’s Just Desserts – Cooking! This is a show where bakers compete for $100,000 in a series of themed rounds where a team is eliminated after every round. The bakers are not only judged based on the flavor of their creation but also on the design. I know this sounds like every baking show ever, but if you love cooking shows, then you love ‘em all. It’s also fun to try and guess who might win at the end!

Those are just my suggestions, but what have you guys been watching? Anything awesome I don’t know about and should watch? Leave a comment and let me know!