What local officials and CDC say about the use of masks

There is a statewide order for all citizens to wear masks when leaving the house.


Campbell Goter

A picture of masks.

A lot of confusion and debate has gone into the topic of wearing masks in order to help protect from respiratory drops that could lead to the spread of COVID-19. Many people question the effectiveness they have of stopping the virus and the ways to ensure that medical professionals still have access to them. 

On Friday, Apr. 3, the governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, released a statement asking for all citizens statewide to use masks. He encourages citizens to use everyday things that they can find at home, such as cloth towels or blankets.

He cautions against going outside for the sole purpose of purchasing a mask as people should only be leaving their homes for essential travel. He also encouraged people to not buy medical grade masks because there’s currently a nationwide shortage, and only healthcare officials should use them.

Click here for directions on how to make a mask from everyday home materials. You just need to make sure that the mask covers the parts of your face that are most likely to come in contact with the respiratory droplets such as your mouth and nose.

The Center for Disease Control claims that masks are an “additional, voluntary health measure” as an extra defense line for slowing the spread of coronavirus.

The call to wear masks is to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Because an individual can have COVID-19 for up to two weeks without symptoms, wearing a mask can help individuals from spreading the virus to others.

Masks do not need to be worn at home or around members of your family that you are in contact with every day. They should only be worn when you are going somewhere for essential travel such as the grocery store or pharmacy. 

Masks should be washed every day in order to ensure that they are still effective and sanitary to be worn on your face. You can wash them with cold water in the sink or in your washing machine based on the material you used to make it.

Masks also do not mean that it’s okay for you to break social-distancing mandates. You should always stay six feet away from people in public places. You should also continue to wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.

Remember to follow lockdown and social-distancing mandates as a way to protect yourself and members of the community from contracting the virus. Homemade masks should be worn on a voluntary basis as an extra measure of defense.

Stay home, stay safe, and wash your hands. For more information about COVID-19, visit The Mav’s COVID-19 Coverage page.