Mother at MHS does a fundraiser for seniors

Decal is being sold to fundraise in order to celebrate seniors.

The decal being created for seniors.

Renee Johnson

The decal being created for seniors.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a difficult time for everyone, especially seniors. Renee Johnson, a mother of an MHS student, created a decal for seniors. The decal is being sold in order to raise money for something special for seniors. The decal is specifically made for the class of 2020.

Although many people are doing a lot for seniors during this time, it is hard to make up for what is being lost.

“I have a senior at Mead and it is hard to know all the seniors are missing this last part of their high school experience. They are missing all of the lasts, along with the excitement of sharing their future plans. Sports careers have ended abruptly with looking like no chance to make up the seasons. It is just hard to watch as a parent and know it is even harder to be the senior student,” said Johnson. 

This fundraiser is meant to honor the seniors and end the year on a positive note. Johnson hopes to fundraise in order to have a celebration once quarantine is over. 

The decal will be sold for $15.00 and $10.00 of that will go directly to supporting seniors. Although there is no goal for the amount of money Johnson would like to raise, she hopes to raise enough to be able to have a party or picnic for the seniors to celebrate what they’ve accomplished. Johnson is open to any ideas that seniors might have for the money to go to. You can contact her at [email protected]

The decal will be available beginning April 15th at