An easy recipe to pass the time in quarantine

Super simple peach salsa that is easy and fun to make.


Campbell Goter

A picture of chips and salsa.

During this quarantine, there aren’t many things to do, so maybe it’s a good time to pick up a new hobby such as cooking. To make that easier for individuals who are bored out of their minds and want to have something a little healthier to eat besides whatever is in the fridge, here is a salsa recipe that is super simple and easy to do at home.

  1. 1 peach, diced
  2. 1 jalapeno pepper
  3. 2  ½ tablespoons lime juice
  4. 1 large tomato
  5. Chopped cilantro
  6. ¼  red onion, diced
  7. Salt and pepper to taste
  8. Chipotle powder to taste (optional)
  9. Bowl of ice water
  • Bring water to a rolling boil and dunk the tomato in the water for about 20-30 sec and immediately dunk in the ice water. Wait for about ten seconds, and then take out the tomato.
  • Peel and core the tomato then dice.
  • Combine the cilantro, diced tomato, and diced peach in a bowl. Set aside.
  • Core the jalapeno pepper, cut in half from top to bottom, then roast on either side. Dice then add to the cilantro peach tomato mixture
  • Add lime juice, salt, pepper, chipotle powder (optional)
  •  Mix until combined and then enjoy with your choice of chips

I hope this helps you pass the time in quarantine. For more things to keep you occupied or additional COVID-19 coverage, visit The Mav.