COVID-19 alters the course of Spring testing; here’s what you need to know

In the uncertainty of the quickly spreading COVID-19 virus, schools and colleges all across the country shut down testing for students.


Campbell Goter

Student SAT study guide textbook.

Since the shutdown of all schools, students have been concerned whether they were able to proceed with their AP and SAT testing.

Announced by the Trump administration, high school students are able to take Advanced Placement (AP) tests at home, but the SAT college admission is canceled. 

CDE and The College Board are working together to find out possible solutions to figure out how to move forward with PSAT and SAT testing. It has been finalized that testing, including CMAS, in the spring of the 2019-2020 school year is going to be discontinued. 

For AP testing this spring, the exams are going to be starting online on May 11th. 

“The exams will be taken simultaneously worldwide, for example, if you are taking the AP Biology exam here in Colorado, you would be taking it on Monday, May 18th at 12:00 PM. If you live in Hawaii, you would be taking the exam at 8:00 AM, if you live in New York, you would take it at 2:00 PM and if you live in Madrid, you’d be taking it at 8:00 PM,” said Mrs. Kristine Keel, one of Mead High’s assistant principals. 

The tests will be a total of 50 minutes and will include only free-response questions (one question for English and History, two for the other exams). Several students will be submitting portfolios and others will be recording voice responses. 

Students will receive an E-ticket two days prior to every exam they take. On test day, students will need to check-in 30 minutes before the exam so that security details can be taken care of online. 

“Testers can use class notes, study guides, [and] textbooks on the exam but any cheating (copying from websites, using social media/online forums, etc) will result in scores being canceled and colleges will be notified,” said Mrs. Keel. 

The district will be providing students with keyboards for their iPads for the long writing portion of the test. But you have to set up an appointment to receive them. 

Testing scores will be released around mid-July. There will only be one opportunity to make up the tests if you missed them which will start on June 1st. 

Remember to be there for your tests in May for it is strongly encouraged. If you’re having any technical difficulties then you can always inform the College Board and you can take your test during the make up period. 

In these times of skepticism, school will continue to be very important and even though parts of quarantine are over it is still essential that students finish out the year strong and with passing grades. 

For any questions about AP testing, contact your AP teacher. 

Good luck and stay safe!