Some counties in Colorado are extending their stay-at-home orders

Denver County and other counties will continue stay-at-home while others move on to the next phase


Marina Goter

Throughout all of Colorado, everyone is still encouraged to stay safe at home.

As of May 9th, 19,375 people across all Colorado counties and 1,346,730 people in the entire United States have been infected with the coronavirus.

 As Governor Jared Polis’s “stay-at-home” order for Colorado has moved to “safer-at-home”, some counties decided to extend their “stay at home” orders, and others chose to move into the next stage of COVID-19 recovery: “safer at home”.

Denver County, the county with one of Colorado’s highest infection rates, plans to extend their “stay-at-home” order past the state’s. They continue to ask Denver residents to wear masks when leaving the house and to only leave for essential travel.

Denver County and all other counties hold longer “stay-at-home” orders while others moved into the “safer-at-home” on May 8, 2020.

All counties in Colorado can now move into a “safer-at-home” phase. Small businesses will slowly be allowed to open back up; starting with pet grooming, barber and hair salons, other small businesses and hospitals throughout Colorado can also begin to reopen their surgical centers for non-emergency surgeries as well.

During the “safer-at-home” order, people in all Colorado counties are still being asked to keep a distance of six feet apart at all times, wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose whenever leaving their home, stay home as much as possible, and wash their hands often. This order will run through May 27.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, do not leave your home and continue to self quarantine for a 14 day period. Click here to learn about the symptoms of COVID-19.

Keep an eye on updates from the CDC and Governor Polis on guidelines as we continue through the COVID-19 recovery phases.

For more information on COVID-19, you can visit the CDC website or The Mav‘s COVID-19 Coverage section.