Censored: What have YOU been doing in Quarantine and bittersweet goodbyes (Episode 8)

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Faith Hale and Gretzky Gilman, hosts of our new podcast Censored, pose as silhouettes.

Gretzky Gilman, Writer

What do book binding, origami, obsessions with criminal investigations, sewing, painting, eating cheesecake for breakfast, and Tiger King have in common? Click play to find out.

Today’s episode includes a bittersweet goodbye, unfiltered recordings of Gretzky’s very genuine reaction to missing out on many senior traditions, and our ability to handle adversity. He wants listeners to know that this is every teenager’s chance to prove to those older than them that our generation can handle this, and we can persevere.

This episode has been mixed, produced, and hosted by Gretzky Gilman.