Here are some tips on how to have a successful online meeting

Online meetings don’t have to be difficult


Photo credit: Pexels (iStock Getty Images).

During this time when we aren’t allowed to leave the house and meet people, meetings have to happen online. There are multiple platforms available to have a meeting: WebEx, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and more. 

Many people are new to having meetings online and are unsure of how to go about these meetings. But have no fear, The Mav is here! Use these tips to have a successful online meeting.

Before the Call:

1. Decide what platform to use. Test out all of the platforms with a few people to see what works best for you. Figure out how it works and how to invite people to a call.

2. Once you figure out what platform to use, determine the time and date you want the meeting and make sure that you send out the notice for the meeting in advance to allow people to make room in their schedules for it. 

3. When it gets closer to the meeting, send out a reminder to make sure that the meeting is on everyone’s radar. Perhaps send one reminder a couple days in advance and a second the day of. 

4. When you know that you’re going to be in the meeting, make sure everyone in your house knows about your meeting so that you won’t be interrupted.

5. You don’t necessarily need to have one, but it’s a good idea to make a list of topics that you wish to discuss during the meeting to make sure that the meeting has a purpose. 

6. Before the meeting, it would be smart to eat and use the bathroom so that you don’t have to leave in the middle of it.

During the Call:

1. If you’re not the host, it’s a good idea to have yourself muted from the start. If someone asks you a question or you have something to say, you can unmute yourself to talk, but if you’re not talking, being muted is a good idea that can help you avoid potential disasters down the road. 

2. Make sure that you at least look like you’re paying attention if you have your camera on; if you don’t, it’s not that big of a deal, just make sure you are listening for your name, questions addressed to you, or other questions that you could answer. 

3. It is a good idea to not eat, drink, or use the bathroom during the call. If you want to have a water bottle, you can. If you do not have your camera or microphone on, this is not as big of a deal, but it is still smart to refrain from leaving the room in case you need to talk.

4. Participate when you can, whether it is just answering a question, asking a question, giving an opinion, or clarifying something that was said. Many bosses or teachers will require participation, so it’s better to participate without being asked. 

Good luck, Mavs!