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A fateful night

Slowly riding along in my close friend Jack’s dark brown Volvo, a youthful night invigorated us. Energy and excitement flowed like a river throughout our bodies. We had bought energy drinks and started driving around beneath the starry, boundless sky, eager for what awaited us. The seat warmer heated my stiff back while cool air coasted onto me. Laidback, harmonious music flowed through both our bodies as we voyaged on, continuing our odyssey.

It seemed as if the world was finally at peace. There was an impeccable feeling of friendship culminating in the moonlit car. We drove down a dark dirt road shrouded in darkness. After arriving at a stop sign and turning right, we were instantaneously tongue-tied.  The view was ethereal.

We had wound up on the lonely peak of a silent hill, overlooking a broad vista shrouded in a blanket of deep indigo. The road twisted and turned, unmasking a hidden lake. The placid pool slowly revealed a dancing parade of glistening, multicolored lights. It was a mystifying experience. A soft, unspoken sense of brotherhood drifted in through the window, filling the air. We continued down the steep road that hid the undisturbed lake.

We pulled into the empty parking lot near the beach and turned the car off. Bright emerald and icy blue lights dotted across the water, radiating the jet black scene. The car was dead silent as we surveyed the panoramic night. The untroubled, perfect sky swept over the sleeping lake and time slipped away from us before we knew it, gone with the wind.

I had a realization that fateful night. It showed me how utterly important friendship is. We weren’t just two buds hanging out, we were two long lost brothers united by circumstance and one stellar night.

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