Lori Zamora

Senior Lori Zamora looks forward to college and the opportunities it will present.

Where are they going?: Lori Zamora

Welcome to The Mav’s Senior Tradition where we highlight our current seniors and discuss where they are headed to.

With graduation just a few short months away, seniors are accepting invitations to colleges and applying for scholarships. One student, Lori Zamora (‘21),  is having somewhat of a hard time deciding where she wants to attend.

In her junior year, Zamora applied to tutor at a nearby elementary school, and her experiences there cemented a career path for her in the future. She plans on becoming an elementary school teacher.

While she applied to three colleges, Colorado State University, University of Colorado: Denver, and the University of Northern Colorado, she is struggling to choose between the final two mentioned. On one hand, UNCO offers a program similar to her desired one at a cheaper cost. On the other, CU Denver’s programs match hers perfectly and would provide a “foot in the door” when it comes to careers moving forward.

Her favorite memory in high school, though bittersweet, was the last day of in-person attendance. At the end of her tutoring period at Mead Elementary, Zamora was sitting in her car as her students walked outside for recess. They all stopped to wave and say goodbye for a final time, though none of them knew that it would be their last.

Zamora said that the teacher who impacted her the most was Mr. Hempe. While he no longer works at MHS, he became a mentor to her during his time here.

“I’ve always been terrible at science,” she said. “But every class I had with him, whether it was math or science, I always got a good grade. [Mr.] Hempe always took the time to help me and make sure I understood the material.”

When asked for a bit of advice for underclassmen, Lori mentioned this: “Just make sure you’re not doing [your homework] the class period before [it’s due] because that stress is awful.”

We hope Lori will choose the best college for her before school starts back up in the fall, and we wish her good luck!

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