The Mav

2018-2019 Staff

Kassidy Trembath

Editor in Chief

Kassidy Trembath is the current Editor in Chief of The Mav. She covers a range of subjects varying from policies to national news. She is very excited and optimistic about the upcoming events in her junior year. [email protected]

Anna Hergert

Section Editor

Anna Hergert is an editor for the Mav and it is her first year doing so. She is excited for this position because she loves writing and interacting with people! Besides these hobbies, Anna likes to paint, play piano, swim, and...

Blake LaVanchy

Section Editor

Blake LaVanchy is an editor for Mead High School's student-run publication: The Mav. He has been with The Mav since it's first year in 2017. Now he is a junior who runs cross-country, enjoys foreign films, reading, and the ...

Aiden Owen

Photography Editor

Aiden is TheMAV's photo editor and in-house photographer. He is a junior this year. He is currently working on starting his own photography business. He enjoys his craft and helping others with their goals. You can contact...

Ryan Yancey

Multimedia Editor

Ryan Yancey, the Multimedia Editor, is new to The Mav team but, by no means new to editing multimedia.  He has created many award-winning films such as The Legend, Braindead Morons, and Sort of Magic. With such a pedigree, R...

Shelby Lewis

Copy and Design Editor

Shelby is a junior and the current Copy and Design Editor at The Mav. She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her friends and family. You can contact her at [email protected]

Alex Olson

Managing Editor

Alex Olson is the current managing/financial editor for The Mav. He is in charge of budgeting, contests, and other financial tasks. He enjoys debating social issues.

Diego Cordero


Diego is a Sophomore. He enjoys playing Soccer and the outdoors. He wants to learn how to write different informational pieces. You can contact him at [email protected]

Banks Dakin


Banks Dakin is a junior. He enjoys dogs, cooking, and sports. This is his first year of newspaper, and he looks forward to a great year on staff.

Wyett Derr


Wyett Derr is a sophomore. He enjoys playing football, baseball, and wrestling. He also enjoys cooking and writing. He is hoping to inform the school about the sports and what is going on during the games or tournaments. You...

Hannah Farr


Hannah Farr is a sophomore. She enjoys playing softball, snowboarding, going to concerts, and various outdoor activities such as: camping, hunting, backpacking, and fishing. She hopes to use her love for writing to get her voice, and...

Marina Goter


Marina Goter is a sophomore. She enjoys dancing, listening to music, and hanging out with friends and family. She wants to be able to bring a fun, new voice to The Mav as well as inform students about events in and outside of...

Lucas Greig


Lucas Greig is currently a sophomore. He plays sports outside of school such as hockey. He is a sports reporter for The Mav Newspaper.

Madison Hadley


Madison Hadley is a sophomore. She is involved in the musical arts of Mead High School. She is a dog person, and she enjoys investigative journalism. You can contact her at [email protected]

Bella Justice


Bella is a junior. She enjoys running and swimming. She wants to better her writing skills and write important pieces that people can learn from. You can contact her at [email protected]

Landin Miyake


Landin Miyake is a senior at Mead High School. He enjoys activities such as track and field. On the news staff he hopes to promote social change to make the world more livable place for all individuals.

Jazmine Spradling


Jazmine is a sophomore. She likes babysitting and hanging out with friends and family. She wants to bring fun and spirit to The Mav. You can contact her at [email protected]

Adah McMillan

Book Critic

Adah McMillan is a sophomore. She enjoys, reading, drawing, eating rice, ice cream, popcorn, and candy, playing the piano, listening to musicals, and being right. She hopes to bring light to the great and not-so-great qualities...

Matthew Silbernagel

Film Critic

Matthew Silbernagel is a junior. He enjoys going to movies, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. He hopes to accomplish writing movie reviews and wants to improve his overall writing quality. You can contact him...

Hannah Millar


Hannah Millar is a sophomore at Mead High. She enjoys texting people, hanging out with friends, eating, and hanging out with her awesome friend Ayden! She wants to bring a new and exciting voice to The Mav. You can contact ...

Ulyana Pyrlik


Ulyana is a junior. She enjoys taking pictures, reading, cycling, playing tennis, and swimming. She hopes to expand and use her creative capabilities in the sphere of photography and discover new ways of writing. You can contact...

Brooks Upham


Brooks Upham is a senior at Mead High School. Some of his hobbies include playing piano, balancing rocks, rollerblading, and taking photos. He hopes to expand his knowledge of journalism and his role on the Mead High School Journalism...

Brenna Cummiskey


Brenna Cummiskey is a senior here at Mead High School. She loves creating meaningful artwork, volunteering with animals and jamming out to Indie music. Brenna wants her writing to emphasize and spread important messages to be...

Allison Muncy


Allison Muncy is a junior. She enjoys managing baseball and writing stories and poetry. She likes to make simplistic things deep and meaningful. She also enjoys reading, watching funny and deep movies, Parks and Rec and old ...

Emma Dudley


Emma Dudley is a sophomore. She enjoys creating art and playing the violin. She hopes to create some designs for the website and create a new exiting podcasts. You can contact her at [email protected]

Clairissa Estes


Clairissa is a junior. She does enjoy meeting people and getting to know them, but she would like to do that in person and not in a bio. Feel free to come up and talk to her! She hopes to accomplish bringing a new perspective to t...

Ayden Gibbs


Ayden Gibbs is a junior. He enjoys football and video games. He hopes to bring a new voice to The Mav. You can contact him at [email protected]

Tyler Gibbs


Tyler Gibbs is a junior. He enjoys football, speech and debate, and movies. He hopes to give fair reviews and ratings for movies. You can contact him at [email protected]

Conner Henman


Conner Henman is a senior at Mead High School. Some of his hobbies include playing hockey, hanging out with friends every day, and listening to all kinds of music. He also enjoys writing and being on the Mead High School Journalism...

Abi MacPhail


Abi MacPhail is a student at Mead High who loves to play volleyball and go diving. She’s happy to be in journalism and hopes to learn, not only video editing, but also how to be a better writer!

Lily Orozco


Lily Orozco is a senior. She enjoys spaghetti and sushi a lot. She loves playing softball and basketball. Lily’s favorite artists are Post Malone and Logic. Lily wants to be able to say her writing has improved by working with...

Bailey Scott


Bailey Scott is a senior. She enjoys listening to music at high volumes, spending time with friends when she can, and working with the dogs at the Longmont Humane Society where she works. She hopes to bring attention to big as...

Johnathon Solliday


Johnathon Solliday is a senior at Mead High School. In his spare time he likes to work on cars, play with friends and listen to lots and lots of music. He enjoys acting and editing for the Mead High School Broadcast Team.

Skyler Studholme


Skyler Studholme is a senior. She enjoys performing, eating, and the color yellow. She hopes to gain better journalism skills and be attached to a breaking news story this year. You can contact her at [email protected]

Caleb Sugg


Caleb Sugg is a senior at Mead High School. He enjoys spending time with his friends, making people laugh, and hanging out with friends. Caleb loves being in MavTV and being part of the journalism family.

Brett Valdespino


Brett Valdespino is a senior at Mead High School. He enjoys hanging out with friends, playing basketball, and jamming to some fresh hip-hop. He hopes to publish all his work with accuracy, reliability, and honesty. You can...

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