The Mav

2017-2018 Staff

Corbyn Vaow


Cobyn is a Sophomore here at MHS. He enjoys welding and AP government. Corbyn is our film review editor -- contact him if interested!

Aiden Owen

Reporter, Photographer

Aiden is our resident photographer. He enjoys collecting Kirkwood quotes and helping others polish their own photography skills. He is currently working on his own photography business. You can find more about it here:

Lucas Hale


Louie Andrew Hale enjoys long moonwalks on the beach. Journalism is Louie’s third passion, only behind his aspirations to be the first heavy metal one man band and his love for pet cemeteries. 

Kelly Shields


17 year old Senior, Kelly Shields, spends her time with friends. They do everything together, including working out, watching movies, and playing video games in their so-called "mancave", at their friend Jack Weis' house. When...

Paige Reorda


18 year old, Senior. Eats Cosmo's pizza regularly, and considers her closest friends family. Fashion & Beauty trends are part of her everyday life. Some of her favorite artists include, Drake, Khalid, SZA, Post Malone, and...

Blake Caylor


I enjoy video gaming on my Asus ROG computer. I play every type of game. Some of my favorites are Pokemon, Saints Row, Black Mesa, and others. When I'm not gaming, I enjoy programming mods for said games. Other things I enjoy...

Garrett Schroeder


17 year old Garrett Schroeder is one of the editors of The Mav newspaper. He loves inside as much as he loves outside. He regularly plays video games, and even considers himself good at some of them. Interests include: cooking,...

Jared Overturf


Jared Overturf is an editor for The Maverick and a senior at Mead High School. He has a dog named Fergus and a cat named Rufus, both of whom he loves very much. He is a well-ranked student who is enrolled in multiple AP class...

Blake LaVanchy


Favorite movie is Dead Poet's society, I quote Walt Whitman, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and remind my friends of Chandler Bing. I needed a hobby, so here I am. ...

Will Brown


Will brown is the resident comic artist of The Mav. Check his comic titled "The Teacher's Lounge" for weekly updates.

Shay Willis


Shay is the residing advice columnist for The Mav. Have a problem? Need some advice? Email her at [email protected]

Ainsley Hammond


Hobbies: Drawing and writing I love pasta! Sharknado or Jurassic Park My goals are my dreams, and I have to sleep to dream, ya know? Artistic, Childish, Dad Jokes  

Shelby Lewis


Shelby is your average 15-year-old nerd and fangirl. She spends her time writing, reading, and doting on her two cats. You can find her either eating, reading, sleeping, or spending time with friends and family.

Conner Henman


My name is Conner Henman and I am a Junior here at Mead High School, I enjoy writing and history and I also play hockey in the area. I played football for two years here at mead high school my freshman and sophomore year.

Kassidy Trembath


I am a sophomore and I really like dogs and food! My favorite thing to do is to help people and to talk with people. I am very excited to be in newspaper because I want to be apart of something great. :)))

Jalena Roberts


★ Sophomore | Writer | Artist | Nerd ★ Hello, my name is Jalena Roberts and I work on the Mead High School Newspaper with my peers! I'm very interested in writing new things, as well as making my writings better; so if...

Anakin Morales-Jimenez


Anakin M-J, 15 Yo, it's yah boy: your local illustrator and comic artist. I am a sophomore in Mead High School, and I love to do art of all sorts of media and many subjects. Although I want to be a doctor, drawing is still...

Mya Das


Senior; wants to become an anesthesiologist. Likes motocross and softball, an easy going person.

Mayrene Ramos


My favorite hobbies/interests are swimming and hiking. Pasta is for sure my favorite food. I would say The Watcher is my favorite movie. The goal I have for myself is to know what I want to do after graduating high school by the b...

Sophia Barr


Sophia is The Mav's primary investigative reporter. Got an idea? Let her look into it; she'll figure out what's going on.

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