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Mead High School’s Student News

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Mead High School’s Student News

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If a person was split into two it’d be you and I.

A letter to my other half (vignette)

Rebekah Dennis, Writer April 23, 2024

I was thrilled about two of my favorite artists releasing new music in the same month. This was the same day you came up to me, knowing about my excitement. Of course you were also excited, we have the...

Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

fig tree (Vignette)

Melia Sloss, Copy and Design Editor April 19, 2024

Sylvia Plath screams in my head. Her voice is shrill and ripped raw, cracking and weak as she repeats the same two words from her parched lips. It’s so deafening that I wince. “Fig tree.” Everything...

We have to constantly be on alert, even in environments we normally feel safe in.

“He does it all the time” (vignette)

Anonymous April 18, 2024

Author’s note: I am writing this because my sister is going to the grade I was when this story happened. This vignette was written just to share my story and get my thoughts onto a page. Each year about...

Start recognizing each moment

Learn to be in wonder of the world (vignette)

Raef VonBrutt, Writer April 10, 2024

I transport myself back in time as I close my eyes.  My family and I are driving along the road, as the sun sets over the horizon, with endless blue stretching beyond the palm trees lining the coast. ...

Spending time with my sister makes me feel closer to home.

Counting down the days until I see my sister again: bonding at Ziggi’s

Addy Mooradian, Writer April 10, 2024

For months, I’d been looking forward to my sister picking me up from high school, like she used to when I was in elementary school and she was in high school. I’d always thought eventually I’d be...

Things I wish I knew when I was younger.

A letter to my younger self (poem)

Enola Potter, Writer April 4, 2024

you’re your own person, love should make you feel good, your friends should treat you with kindness, you don’t need others validation, just your own, it’s okay to be alone sometimes, appreciate...

dear Cydnee

a letter to my sister (poem)

Shayd Fuller, Content Editor March 26, 2024

to my sister, if i had a million words to describe my sister there are many things that come to mind generous, kind, empathetic, caretaker, everything she is, i am not   to my sister   from...

Waves and grief hold similarities in their passing nature.

drowning in grief waves (poem)

Aspen Bingham, Content Editor March 1, 2024

they say that grief comes in waves they were right i’m drowning in the waves crashing over my body    the first wave was denial this wave crashed over my body and made me numb so numb my...

Junk drawers (poem)

Junk drawers (poem)

Addy Mooradian, Writer February 22, 2024

there’s something so incredibly remarkable about the Junk of a Drawer  there’s one bound to be found in any room in a home almost anywhere the lengths that some go to hide it from your curious...

Dare to Hope (vignette)

Dare to Hope (vignette)

Addison Babcock, Content Editor January 14, 2024

Sometimes you can't look back. Sometimes you can't even look where you're at right now. The battles and challenges, the hardships and illnesses, the bad relationships and friendship blow ups make us look...

A rose slowly wilting.

Rose (poem)

Aspen Bingham, Content Editor January 14, 2024

when a rose dies it happens slowly and then all at once  dead  our friendship was like a dying rose  slowly  and then all at once  dead  when a rose is bloomed it is beautiful our...

A broken plate being taped back together

Broken (poem)

Aspen Bingham, Content Editor January 14, 2024

“Broken”  you can water a plant even when it’s dead but the reality is it won’t ever be the same again  you can glue back together a broken plate but the reality is it won’t ever be the...

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