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Mead High School’s Student News

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Mead High School’s Student News

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Duncan and Hedlun show their abundance in similarities

Double teacher feature: Hedlun and Duncan’s striking similarities

Addy Mooradian, Writer March 20, 2024

Two fan favorites of the English department and student body, Mr. Liam Duncan and Ms. Jamie Hedlun, have a number of similarities. From the reasoning behind their major, to what their favorite bands were...

Mead welcomed a new health clerk last August.

Teacher Feature: Ms. Hall

Ana Stewart, Writer March 8, 2024

Ms. Megan Hall has recently become our new health clerk here at Mead High School. Hall started working here this August, and so far, she has enjoyed the community here at Mead. Ms. Hall was a CNA for...

Angela Reeder smiles while playing her piano, one of the many things she finds passion in.

Teacher Feature: Ms. Reeder

Brissa Mendez-Olivas, Writer February 26, 2024

Ms. Angela Reeder has been Mead High’s musical accompanist for three years. She has been the district's accompanist for ten years and has been playing the piano for 47 years, as well as being a full-time...

Mr. Fox student teaches with Mrs. Harris in room D115.

Teacher feature: Mr. Fox

Payton Grasser, Writer January 24, 2024

The first day of the second semester introduced a new student teacher, Joseph Fox, to the Mead High community. This is his first year at Mead, as well as his first time student teaching with a class of...

Ms. Freischlag smiles surrounded by her vibrant classroom.

Teacher Feature: Ms. Freischlag

Kaitlyn Baerg, Writer January 20, 2024

One of Mead’s three Spanish teachers, Ms. Kathleen Freischlag, has an impressive amount of teaching under her belt. Freishchlag has been teaching for a total of 22 years, seven of those years at Mead....

Mead High School’s very own theater teacher, Ms. Mackey smiles for the camera.

Teacher feature: Ms. Mackey

Rebekah Dennis, Writer January 14, 2024

Ms. Andrea Mackey has been teaching here at Mead ever since it opened. Before Mead, she taught at Longmont High School for 15 years.  Currently, she teaches Integrated English 9, both the fall play and...

Coach Reese is an integral part of the MHS PE department.

Teacher Feature: Mr. Reese

Abby Kearns, Managing Editor December 5, 2023

Coach Reese has worked at Mead High School since 2010 and teaches core PE, invasion and field, and net and target. He is also the head coach for varsity basketball. Reese has two kids, a daughter and...

Campus Supervisor Wade Weese has been at Mead for five years.

Meet campus supervisor Wade Weese

Abby Kearns, Managing Editor December 5, 2023

Mr. Wade Weese, known at school adoringly as Wade, has worked at Mead High School for five years as a Campus Supervisor. As the epitome of a trusted adult, Weese is a friendly face many students feel they...

Ms Sonnenberg spreads her kindness to each student.

Teacher Feature: Ms Sonnenberg

Savanah Bayer, Content Editor November 7, 2023

Ms. Cassie Sonnenberg has been a teacher for 17 years. Currently, she teaches AP Seminar, AP Research, and English 11. While growing up in her hometown of Oakwood, Colorado, Sonnenberg felt there was...

Ms. Blackmer smiles in the G wing hallway.

Teacher Feature: Ms. Blackmer

Kaitlyn Baerg, Writer November 6, 2023

Ms. Blackmer is one of the newest additions to the Mead High school teacher team. This is her her sixth year teaching, but her first year at Mead. She teaches AP stats, Honors Algebra II, and Algebra...

Mead High runs on Duncan.

Teacher Feature: Mr. Duncan

Jacob Morales, Writer October 9, 2023

Mr. Duncan is one of Mead High’s newest English teachers.  He grew up in Columbus, Ohio, but he has lived in Longmont for most of his life. He went to Wright State University for his undergraduate...

Ms. Loy smiles from her desk.

Teacher Feature: Ms. Loy

Raul Mares, Writer September 25, 2023

Ms. Loy is one of Mead High's newest math teachers and has been teaching since 1991. “I was really excited to come over to meet the community. The kids have been great so far. Everyone's friendly, polite,...

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