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The Mav Mission Statement

We are Mead High School’s Student ran newspaper, The Mav. We were established in August of 2017. We love to hear from our community through story ideas and comments on our articles.

Over the years, we have received several from the Colorado Student Media Association (including first place in Best in Show five years in a row, 1st place in a staff editorial and other awards for individuals on our staff). We have continuously been involved in our community through volunteering, attending parades, and more. We have also had two seasons of school-driven announcements used to inform students at MHS. 

We believe in Freedom of the Press. 

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The goal of The Mav and MavTV is to represent student life and the lives of surrounding areas in order to draw connections between members of Mead’s community. While we will strive to cover traditional high school content (upcoming events, sports games, and more), we will showcase new and underrepresented groups, individuals, and ideas that make up the student body as well. Moreover, The Mav will remain dedicated to the tenets of ethical journalism, which involve accurate reporting that is intended to bring to light interesting and newsworthy stories. The Mav and MavTV will produce content for students by students. 

The Mav and MavTV Editorial Policy
Version 6– Updated May, 2022 

The Mav and MavTV sell ads on while also locally fundraising for income. The Mav will accept donations from reputable sources. 

Because The Mav is primarily online, students will follow a publication cycle determined by their editor where each reporter must produce content within strict deadlines. The Editorial Board retains the right to choose all content and to determine story priority.  

MavTV will follow a 2-3 week production cycle determined by their editor where each member must produce content within deadlines. The Editorial Board retains the right to choose all content and to determine story priority.

Working for The Mav and MavTV is not limited to members of the Journalism class; the publication and broadcast are open to all guests at the discretion of the board.  

The Editorial Board will select all topics that reflect the opinion of the majority of the staff to create editorials. Commentaries and Opinion pieces will be signed to reflect only the view of the writer and not the staff as a whole. 

Letters to the Editor are accepted and encouraged by all readers of The Mav and will be published at the discretion of the Editorial Board, with grammatical editing.

The Mav and MavTV will strive to present information that is fair, impartial, accurate, and truthful. The newspaper and broadcast will function in accordance with all applicable laws, both in regards to the rights and restrictions of ethical journalism.

The Mav and MavTV reserve the right to refuse any advertising not found to be within the publication’s standards of good taste. If a product or service is illegal to the majority of high school readers, it will not be published.

In the event of error, the Editorial Board will attempt to mitigate damage and correct misinformation, typically by posting a correction directly within the article or broadcast. 

Reporting on student, faculty, and community deaths can be sensitive; the Editorial Board will confine coverage to News and Opinion sections. The publication will do everything it can to reduce harm but maintains responsibility to truthfully report. All decisions about coverage are at the discretion of the board. If the death of a student or school employee is being covered, the board must have permission from the family to do so. 

*Only crimes of students, faculty, and community members that result in official charges will be reported; discretion must be balanced, however. Not all crimes will be reported. 

Reporters for The Mav and MavTV will always identify themselves as functioning in that capacity before any interview. Editors reserve the right to correct grammatical errors in quotations if the source’s meaning will be distorted without such editing. The one exception to this policy is undercover reporting (which happens rarely). Students will not be asked to break the law in pursuit of a story. 

Sources may not view the final version of a story prior to publication or production or read the final text of any story or segment unless the Editorial Board approves beforehand. Reporters may reserve the right to read responses back to sources and will follow up with sources who wish to supplement initial interviews. 

Sources may wish to have their names withheld from a story. The Editorial Board will decide on a case-by-case basis whether anonymity may be granted to protect the sources. 

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