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Mead High School’s Student News

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Mead High School’s Student News

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There are also many other benefits of having a friend who will put in the physical work with you.

It is important to have friends who physically and mentally strengthen you (Opinion)

Enola Potter, Writer May 20, 2024

A person who challenges you is critical in friendship. Both physical and mental challenges open room for vulnerability but are very important in friendship. I believe that surrounding yourself with...

Baby Reindeer was an insane watch and should be added to everyones must see list.

‘Baby Reindeer’ is a show you don’t want to miss

Enola Potter, Writer May 19, 2024

On April 11, “Baby Reindeer” was released on Netflix top 10 list. This show contains seven episodes based on a real story.  This show depicts stalking, traumatic experiences, and the aftermath of...

Beauty and the Beast is a romantic musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1991.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a great movie filled with emotion (Movie Review)

Haiden Stolken, Writer May 19, 2024

Beauty and the Beast was released on Nov. 22nd, 1991 directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise.  It’s an amazing movie for a movie night with your loved ones. It’s a cute, yet romantic movie along...

Abby Lee Miller reveals the weekly pyramid to the dancers.

‘Dance Moms’ famous pyramid promotes an unhealthy environment (Opinion)

Aspen Bingham, Content Editor May 19, 2024

Dance Moms, first filmed in 2011, is famous for Abby Lee Miller's “Pyramid”.  Nearly every week, Abby would present the dancers and their mothers with a pyramid to show who needed to improve and...

ADHD benefits me in many ways.

A look Inside Izzy’s mind (Commentary)

Isabella Pacotti, Writer May 16, 2024

ADHD, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a mental disorder identified by inattentive behavior, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Common symptoms include being unable to sit still, forgetfulness,...

The killer in American phycho is not man to look up to at all.

There are many misconceptions about the horror book and movie adaptation of American Psycho (Opinion)

Isabella Pacotti, Writer May 16, 2024

American Psycho (2000) takes place in 1987, in New York City. The movie follows Patrick Bateman, a Wall Street Investment banker who lives another life as a horrific serial killer. The movie shows Bateman’s...

Ben attempting to do a pull up on the door frame.

My four years of High School have led to this one goal (Commentary)

Bennett Hergert, MavTV May 16, 2024

Throughout my years at Mead High School, I have been lost. I don't know where I’m going or what I want to do after high school, but I have finally found something meaningful. My goal is to do a singular...

The prom attendance policy encourages students to show up to school.

The 20 absence prom-policy is completely valid (Opinion)

Kaitlyn Baerg, Writer April 18, 2024

Prom has been around since about the 19th century. It became extremely popular in the early 1930s and, though waned in popularity over several decades, resurged and became the norm in American high schools...

Mead Girls Basketball huddles together.

Girl’s basketball should be more supported (Opinion)

Isabella Pacotti, Writer April 18, 2024

Mead High School opened in 2009, and since then it has been excelling in the sports department, especially our basketball teams. The boys's team is ranked third in Northern Colorado, and the girls are...

The MHS student section shows support.

Being in the student section is a unique experience and everyone should try it (Commentary)

Rebekah Dennis, Writer April 15, 2024

Together, within the stands, radiating support to the people you go to school with every day gives me such a unique and vibrant feeling. I am lucky to experience such an atmosphere, and I think others...

There are many opportunities for seniors and their post secondary plans.

Junior college provides the same opportunities as a four-year institution at a lesser cost, making it a good choice for many (Opinion)

Ana Stewart, Writer April 14, 2024

A junior college is a good option that, it seems, young people don't know about or perhaps appreciate. There are many advantages to junior college and community college for students who want to stay...

Ms. Young is Mead High School’s orchestra teacher.

Mead’s orchestra program should be more widely appreciated by student body (Opinion)

Rebekah Dennis, Writer April 11, 2024

Mead High School's orchestra program has many highly talented students. The school, as a whole, needs to show more support and appreciation for these students, as they work tirelessly to create music....

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