“I really like this. What I’m doing right now, I genuinely enjoy it,” said Ms. Sanchez.

Staff Feature: Ms. Sanchez

Upon calling the MHS building you will be greeted by the voice of new attendance clerk Ms. Laura Sanchez: “Thank you for calling Mead High School this is Laura how can I help you?”

Ms. Laura Sanchez is the new attendance clerk at Mead High School. She has been working here for a month after Ms. Salaz, the previous attendance clerk, took over the role of athletic secretary.

Sanchez is a Longmont native and attended high school at Skyline. After arriving at MHS, she says she was excited by the amount of Mav pride students exhibit.

During her high school years she enjoyed government class because she had a teacher she really enjoyed learning from.

She shard that she was also taught by one of Mead High’s teachers as well. “[Ms.] HJ was one of my teachers too.I don’t remember what [class] I took with her but it [was] social studies, so she sticks out to me… she’s a good teacher.”

Sanchez says if she could change anything about her high school experience she would be more involved. She wishes she had participated in sports all four years. 

Before coming to Mead Sanchez worked at a bank, which she ”really liked” because she enjoys working with and talking to people.

She liked the idea of working with teenagers because she had never worked in an environment like that before and wanted to try something new. She said, “I’ve worked with people of all ages, all walks of life, but never with teenagers so it brought me back [to being in high school] I guess.”

Even as Ms. Sanchez is asked questions in a interview by The Mav, she fields phone calls and unlocks the doors for students entering the building. Her work seems never ending, but she said she likes it that way. Her favorite part of the job is “how busy it is… not because I’m trying to live through my life fast,but because I like to be busy. I don’t like being bored”.

When asked about her least favorite part of her job Sanchez replied, “When students are late because it makes my job a lot harder.”

Outside of school she keeps busy taking care of her kids, going to the gym, and listening to podcasts.

She said, “I really do enjoy listening to true crime podcasts, anything true crime.”

Sanchez is the mother of three boys. “My life is always chaotic because this job is super busy… and then I have three little boys,” she said.

She continued, “It’s fun, but it’s chaotic.”

Her advice for current high school students is to have a variety of friends. “Hang out with different friend groups,” she encouraged.

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