Where are they going?; Kelly Shields

Kelly Shields takes the academic route

 On May 26, 2018 the senior class will begin the next chapter of their lives. Throughout MHS, students have different passions, in which relate to their future careers. Kelly Shields plans to attend Colorado State University next Fall to major in neuroscience.

She was recently accepted into the institution, and when asked why Shields was taking this route, she says, “I love the way that the human brain works, and how we are all different but also very similar”. Kelly plans to get her bachelor’s degree in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience with a minor in Latin.

  Once graduated from CSU, Shields plans to go to med school at the University of Washington, or Duke University, and get her MD. With multiple degrees, Kelly will start her career as a field surgeon in the United States Army, before becoming a trauma surgeon.

Kelly claims,“My friends in high school have inspired me the most to be successful and have a lot of fun, and to continue working hard to gain the career I’ve always dreamed of”. High school has definitely shaped Shields into who she is today.

There’s no doubt that Kelly Shields will have a very successful life after graduating from MHS.  

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