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Where are they going?; Greta Anderson

Greta Anderson plans on attending USU

Following graduation, Greta Anderson wants to make a difference in the world, helping families understand genetics. “I read about genetics one time, and I was like, yeah, that’s what I want to do,” she said.

Greta is looking forward to her future as an undergraduate at Utah State University. She is hoping to graduate with a degree in Biology, with an emphasis on genetics. Paired with a minor in psychology, she plans to become a genetic counselor, whose job is to “discuss risks of inherited diseases and birth defects with families or individuals and provide counseling about those risks for [their] patients.”

Mikayla Anderson
Greta poses in her dress for her final homecoming dance

Greta has applied to a number of schools, including Hofstra, Creighton, the University of Utah, and Montana State University. Her top choice, however, is Utah State University. “The cost of going to USU is very similar to, if not cheaper, than going to school in Colorado.” She also thinks it is a pretty campus as well as being a good size. “It’s not a gigantic campus, so it’s not super overwhelming to me.”

Despite the anticipation of college, Greta still knows that finishing high school strong is very important. “I’ve already made it this far,” she said, thinking of how far she has come and how little there is left to go until graduation in May. Greta still has a long road ahead of her, with a Masters in genetics being a requirement for the career she wants.

“I am ready to leave and be an adult,” she said, “but I’m not ready for adulting.”





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