Where are they going?; Zachary Rehder

Zachary Rehder plans to attend CSU

In two months, the class of 2018 will graduate. Zachary Rehder is preparing to take off to college, and begin a brand new chapter of his life. Rehder will attend Colorado State University in the fall.

Zachary claims, “I’m going to major in mathematics, but I’m interested in doing something with business.”  With this major, he has hopes to land a career as a high school math teacher, or possibly a career that involves accounting or statistics. He says, “I want to keep my doors open and see where my classes and interests lead me.”

When asked what Zachary is most excited for, he claims, “I’m excited to meet new people who have similar interests as I do, but also being in a place with people who are not the same as I am.”

Rehder chose CSU because both his mother, and older sister attended and graduated from this institution. He also says, “I also wanted to stay in state since I’m not ready to live far away from my family.”

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