Where are they going?; Tristan Anton

Tristan Anton shares his big plans for after graduation

Tristan Anton will be graduating this May as an accomplished athlete and lifelong attendee of Mead schools. Anton has played soccer from freshman to senior year, and was awarded captain and offensive MVP for his senior season. In addition to playing soccer, Anton continues to stay involved this spring semester through his participation in track. Not only has Anton demonstrated his involvement through athletics, but he has the privilege of being a student at Mead schools since kindergarten.

Although Anton is undecided on which college he will be attending after graduation, he has applied to Oregon University, Pepperdine, Washington State, and is awaiting their decision. He is very excited to experience “the culture, weather, and ocean” that the West Coast has to offer. Once accepted, Anton plans to get his major in “marketing with an emphasis in business management with a minor in real estate.” After earning his degree, he plans to manage a team of people and come up with new strategies for marketing and advertising products, and use his minor in real estate as a fall back job.

Anton is eager to explore all the opportunities the world has to offer him, and upon graduating college he plans to land a job in a big city “like New York, or L.A.”

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