Farewell Kirkwood

The Mav's "Goodbye" to the beloved band teacher, Mr. Kirkwood

May 17, 2018

As the year comes to a close, we are forced to say goodbye to those who we have spent the entire year and made memories with. This year, we are losing someone else. Mr. Joshua Kirkwood, our school’s band director, who most of us knew as simply “Kirkwood”, will be leaving Mead High School at the end of the year.

Mr. Kirkwood, the band teacher, has become one of the most beloved teachers in the school. Known as a teacher who cares for and looks for the best in all those who make up the student body, he has made a great impact on the school, interacting with students who have never even taken a music class in their life.

We’ve made it through the year laughing at his infamous “Kirkwood Quotes” and sarcastic comments. We’ve made it through the weeks with his support and encouragement. We’ve made it through the days knowing that he would be there for us if we really needed it.

Mr. Kirkwood has been there for us through thick and thin. Whenever we were struggling, we knew that we could go talk to him for a few minutes and he would help us to the best of his ability. His support has helped many of us make it through tough times in our life, whether it be personal issues, family feuds, or things that were out of our control.

So, to sum and finish up his last year with us, we’ve compiled individual sentiments and our list of the top 10 Kirkwood Quotes.


Individual Sentiments

Thank you for all you do weather it was the sarcastic comments or the support and hugs you give when someone is down. You have been my favorite teacher and I’m so happy I got to meet you and call you a friend. It won’t be the same without you and saying goodbye is the worst. Love you buddy! Come visit when you can because you know… Mead is obviously the best school here and you have me here so there you go, there’s your reason!”

Erin Hanafin

“Thank you for inspiring my love for music.”

Mari Ochoa

“Mr. Kirkwood is the teacher who is friends with everyone. Often times, I forget that a teacher is his job, when he is so much more than that. Mr. Kirkwood is funny, witty, honest, laid-back, and childish at times in all the best ways. He has this unique power of collecting an oddball group of kids and bringing them together under the same love of music and he is a teacher who sees us not just as students, but as teenagers. Teens who need a good laugh, who need to relax and have fun and he manages to do that all the time, every class. I don’t think there are enough words to describe how much everyone will miss him. I’ve known Mr. Kirkwood for 8 years and I’m sad by the fact that when I come to visit, he won’t be there. But as sad as I am, I also know that Mr. Kirkwood needs this change for himself and for his family. And I wish him all the luck in the world.”

Maddy Simpson

“Party on, Garth!”

Caden Campbell

“Mr. Kirkwood. You have been the best help with everything this whole year. Thank you for everything. See Quote Book”

Aiden Owen

“Thank you for everything you did for me. Asking how my day was, listening to my opinions, having real conversations, and even just acknowledging me in the halls when I felt invisible made all the difference to me. It’s the small things you do that make your student’s lives better. Mead won’t be the same without you, and your next school will be gaining a wonderful teacher and person. Thank you, and enjoy the next step in your life.”

Shelby Lewis


Top 10 Kirkwood Quotes

“You’d all be terrible at poker.”

“Pomp & Circumstance is about as difficult as breathing oxygen… Actually, that’s an insult to oxygen.”

“What was that sound? Oh, we killed a cat.”

“He’s looking at the field, but you can tell he’s thinking about licorice or something.”

In a screechy voice: “10 points from Hufflepuff!”

“Don’t write that down. That’s bad even for me.”

“I have more faith in you than I do in imaginary Nate.”

“Aiden reminds me how stupid I sound sometimes.”

“If you don’t kill someone with your marching show, you obviously aren’t doing it right.”

“Ish isn’t onto us yet.”


You will be missed, Mr. Kirkwood, and the hole you’re leaving will never be fully filled, but we will have to manage. Remember us as we’ll remember you and enjoy the next stages of your life.

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