Marina Goter

Mrs. Sandoval with her brains for AP Psychology

AP Psychology is a favorite among the many AP classes Mead offers

Students love the way Mrs. Sandoval makes class interactive and fun

While most students have a favorite class, they could never collectively come to a consensus on the best of the best. In the case of Mead’s AP Psychology class, however, that simply isn’t true. Across the board, it is undeniable that the AP Psych class taught by Mrs. Rachel Sandoval is a timeless favorite, even among the most unlikely students.

Being in the class myself, I can affirm that AP Psych is the best of the best. Many of the students that take the class have the same attitude.

Sandoval has been teaching AP Psych at Mead for eight years and started off majoring in psychology but changed her major five times.

Sandoval started the AP Psych class because “Mead wanted to add more AP classes, and we thought it would be a good class… that students would want to take”.

Of her favorite part of teaching AP Psych, Sandoval said, “I love how it makes [students] see the world differently because it’s everywhere. I also love that kids love it, and it’s fun to teach because kids are really into it.”

When asked why they chose to take AP Psych, Sunny Longmeyer, Carsen Steele, and Nikki Vrkljan, students from Class of 2021, explained, “I heard it was a fun class and also that it would be a challenging class.”

Bayleigh Melichar (’21) took AP Psych because she wants “to go into [the field of] psychology after high school”.

When you want to go into psychology, you need to have a teacher that you can understand and be able to learn from. Sandoval fulfills these requirements and also makes everything fun.

“The class is very fun and easy to understand,” Melichar said.

Other students that take Sandoval’s class also feel that she makes it hands-on and interesting by interacting through her slides.

If you want to take an enjoyable class that also challenges the way you see the world, AP Psych is for you.

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