Sunny Longmeyer

Senior Kohley Longmeyer poses with her horses.

Where are they going?: Kohley Longmeyer

Welcome to The Mav's Senior Tradition where we highlight our current seniors and discuss where they are headed to.

When most students think about their high school experience, it is likely they have regrets — things they wish they did differently. That might be true for most, but it is not for Kohley Longmeyer.

She plans to attend Oklahoma Panhandle State University (OPSU) which is known for its focus on agriculture and science. 

Longmeyer plans to earn a degree in physical science, which is what the college specializes in. 

She is also excited about attending OPSU because she will be on their college rodeo team. 

“They have a really good college rodeo team that has a program that works with every student” said Longmeyer. 

Longmeyer’s love of Physics grew as a result of her strong relationship with science teacher Mrs. Val Brown. 

Mrs. Brown has definitely had the largest impact on my high school experience. Her teaching style is fun, and we are able to have fun while getting our work done. Mrs. Brown has also been very caring and helpful when anyone needs help with a situation, which allows her to be the MHS mom.”

Similarly, some of Longmeyer’s favorite memories include the Just Dance party her physics class had after their final was over at the end of her junior year.  

It is clear that Longmeyer’s love of science is closely related to her favorite classes. She explained that her favorite courses have been through the Energy Academy. 

“The Energy Academy relates the most to your real life and prepares you for going into a career involving energy. I have made some amazing friends with the people in the Energy Academy, and I am forever grateful for that,” she said. 

She particularly enjoyed her Energy Systems and Technology class. 

As far as her future is concerned, Longmeyer is looking forward to her next adventure — she does not know whether that will be Oklahoma or somewhere else she “fall[s] in love with”, but the thought of buying her own home and living on her own excites her. 

Lastly, when Longmeyer was asked about whether or not she’d do anything different in high school, she explained that she wouldn’t. 

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