Senior Andrea Randolph and her doggo Willie

Where are they going?: Andrea Randolph

Welcome to The Mav's Senior Tradition where we highlight our current seniors and discuss where they are headed to.

Andrea Randolph (‘20) has put a great deal of thought into the future of her education, and it starts not far from home. She plans to “[start] at Front Range Community College (FRCC) in Westminster, then transfer to Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD).” She believes that creating a foundation at FRCC will help her get her basic classes out of the way, so she can focus on her major when she moves to RMCAD. 

“I am going to study animation at FRCC, and at RMCAD I will pursue my Bachelors’s in game art, to hopefully design video games,” said Randolph. She’s always enjoyed improving her art skills, and add on her passion for video games, majoring in Game Art seems like a no brainer for her. 

If that doesn’t work out for her, she does have a backup plan. “I really love animals, specifically dogs. A fallback [in place] is training dogs because both of my parents work with [them],” said Randolph. With her parents both in the dog business, that seems like a pretty safe plan B to lean on.

Recalling her high school memories, Randolph said that the football games were always her favorite. She was a manager for the team all through her junior and senior years. “Win or lose, we always felt like a family. Nothing ever changed that. And cheering for our school, our team, and our community at the end is something truly unforgettable.” 

As for her favorite teacher throughout the years, she said the honor would, without a doubt, go to Mr. Click. “He always makes class fun and tries to connect with every student. I had him for all four years of high school, two of which I was aiding for him. He was always there to give a helping hand in any of my classes, or life advice when I didn’t know what to do,” Randolph said. Even though she is graduating this year, she is still sad to know that Click will be leaving his position at Mead High School. 

Her final thoughts on high school and whether or not she’d do it over again were this: “I wouldn’t. I am very ready to close this chapter and forget some of the things that happened. But I am grateful for every time I fell and got back up because it showed me what I was capable of and how strong I actually am.”

Senior year hasn’t gone as planned for any of us, but all we can do is make the most with what we’ve got. We can stay hopeful for the upcoming fall semester of college, and, like Andrea and myself, hope that we are released to the campuses of our dreams to start this crazy new chapter of our lives. 

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