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Diaz’s (‘23) senior photo was taken at Sandstone Park

Where are they going?: Gabe Diaz

Welcome to The Mav’s Senior Tradition where we highlight our current seniors and discuss where they are headed

Gabe Diaz (‘23) plans to attend Front Range Community College (FRCC) to get his intial education, then transfer into Hastings, Nebraska to get a music degree. Within his high school career, he’s grown a passion and love for the arts and wants to take that skill and teach it to others.

Gabe said,”Once I started to get into the stuff where they would offer paid performances and all that, it became a passion [of mine] to teach people and be a performer.”

Being a performer was not originally a part of Gabe’s plan. He thought at one point that he would “go into a two year trade at WyoTech and then get [his] certification in welding and mechanics”. 

Gabe has always been a leader. If he sees a “person [who] is willing to put in as much work or wanting to put in the work, then [he is] going to help them push through”. He wants to help aspiring musicians grow as people and “be successful in [the] music industry”.

Gabe’s message for anyone wanting to move toward a musical profession is that “you’re gonna have a lot of downfall. There’s going to be a lot of times where you’re gonna sit there and think, is this even worth it?” But even then, it’s important to remind yourself that being a musician is all about failing, learning, and being humbled.

Gabe said, “I’ve been playing for seven years and I’ve met people that have only been playing for like two or three that already are so much better than me at what I do, and it’s insane. Just stay dedicated to your work and don’t quit.”

We’re excited to see what he does with is passion for music and wish him the best of luck.

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