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Stacy is excited to attend CSU.

Where are they going: Stacy Avitia

Welcome to The Mav’s Senior Tradition where we highlight our current seniors and discuss where they are headed

Stacy Avitia (‘23) will be majoring in Journalism & Media Communication at Colorado State University. She hopes to be a journalism news anchor or editor in the future.

During her fourth year at CSU Stacy wants to study abroad in Greece.

She plans to be involved with The Rocky Mountain Collegian, the student newspaper for CSU, as well as their broadcast station. As of now, she doesn’t know if she’ll be writing or doing broadcast journalism, but she is excited to see where she’ll end up.

In Journalism at Mead, Stacy attended “Journalism Day” at CSU and saw the broadcast set up, learned more about their journalism programs, and toured different news rooms.

“I fell in love with the campus… I’ve been set on it ever since,” she said.

Stacy’s senior year has been enjoyable and memorable, and she’s incredibly grateful for all the new people she’s met throughout the last four years. Senior year has been filled with the “next steps in life.”

If she could tell her freshman year self anything, she would tell her to “not give up…Just show up and try,” she said.

She continued, explaining that she feels she missed out on a lot of opportunities because she “was scared to join things or to be wrong.”

“Take every chance that you get,” Stacy advised.

Since freshman year, she has learned to better prioritize the things she loves and focus on herself.

She’ll miss Journalism with adviser Ms. Jamie Hedlun, and she’ll miss playing for the tennis team.

One class she enjoyed was AP Language & Composition with Ms. Shannon Martenson. Stacy shared that Ms. Martenson was always helpful and supportive.

AP Literature with Ms. Kelly Baxter has also been one of her favorite classes. Ms. Baxter “pushes her students”, and Stacy feels she’s grown and improved a lot throughout the class.

For the Class of 2024, Stacy suggests these incoming seniors start applying for all the scholarships they can right from the start.

She also added that high school is a time to “support your peers”. Go to plays, concerts, sports games.

Stacy has made an impact on MHS, and we know she will continue to do great things.

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