Pink and Orange

A poem by poet Allison Muncy

I remember those days 

Those days where every day was orange and pink 

This beautiful hue that surrounded the sky 

The world wasn’t clear

And it was beautiful


Days of writing and reading 

It was 17 days straight 

Of happiness spilling out of my chest onto my hands because there was just so much 

It was 17 days of love



I never ran out of inspiration

It was a beautiful feeling 

Never running out of ideas 

Feeling endless bliss 


Then the day came 

When my anxiety came to visit 

He knocked on my door and everything went into a screeching halt 

Everything became clear 

No more orange 

No more never ending happiness 

It was snatched from me 

One minor thing caused such a catastrophe 

A tornado 

Coming in to wreck everything 

My organs twisted and my heart stopped 


The worst of all 

My inspiration hitched a ride to the desert 

It left me to consume someone else’s thoughts 

I’d like it to come back 


This isn’t a flexible relationship

We’re committed 

I need you there for me 

I’m suffocating without you 


Have a fun vacation 

Feeling too hot for comfort 

But don’t worry 

I’ll come and visit 


I don’t blame you for leaving 

I just wish you would have given me a warning that you would disappear 

I feel so alone

You didn’t think of my feelings 

You are selfish 


You can take everything from me 

My happiness 

My heart 

My appetite and sleep 

But you can’t take my inspiration 


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