Student Council kicks off Spirit Week Monday Apr. 5

Here is everything you need to know about MHS’s final Spirit Week of the 2020-2021 school year


Aiden Owen

Show Maverick pride next week by participating in the spirit week hosted by Student Council.

Miles Michell, Content Editor

Based on student responses, Student Council is hosting a Spirit Week next week, the week of the 5th.  

It’ll be here before your know it, so here are the themes:

Mav-Out Monday: Wear your Mav gear, and don’t forget the class colors: Freshmen wear white, Sophomores wear grey, Juniors wear orange, and Seniors wear black.

Twin Tuesday: Wear a matching outfit with a friend. (Or a twin, if you have one!)

Wacky Wednesday: Wear mismatched clothes.

Throwback Thursday: Freshmen wear the 1970s, Sophomores wear the ‘80s, Juniors wear the ‘90s, and Seniors wear the 2000s.

Also, on Thursday, teachers and staff are being asked to dress as their favorite MHS Senior.

This is also the last Spirit Week for the graduating class of 2021, so make sure your outfits are memorable!