To the followers of the “devious licks” TikTok trend: this needs to stop (Opinion)

Students all over the country are stealing items on school property and posting it on TikTok in a new trend dubbed “devious licks”


Kaylyn Cartellone

Students can be suspended or even expelled for taking part in devious licks.

Dear “devious licks” trend followers,

Quit stealing our soap. You are high schoolers for crying out loud. Why would you ever choose to  follow a TikTok trend that disrespects others and takes away essentials that your peers around you need? Everyone deserves to have access to necessary school items that are literally being stolen.

Though I know many of the people I have spoken to about this disregard were most upset about the disappearing soap, students all over the country and some in our own school have also been stealing wall pouches (with phones actually inside them), hand sanitizer (that can be used after students find themselves without soap), desks (provided by our district so that we can have a successful learning environment), and fire extinguishers, the very things that save lives in the event of a burning disaster. Many more classroom items that are provided for us to receive an education are being taken away and used to get a couple likes on a short and disrespectful fad that will soon fade into nothing.

These “likes” won’t affect your future positively. In fact, it will most likely have a negative impact. According to the St. Vrain Valley School District’s student conduct document, you can be charged with acts of vandalism. “Vandalism is defined as the destruction of school property. Vandalism also includes the knowing and unauthorized use, alteration, damage or destruction of any technology device, software, program or electronic data.” I’m pretty sure stealing needed items out of bathrooms and classrooms would count as “knowing and unauthorized” alterations. Pulling things off the walls (like soap dispensers) is clearly destruction.

Students can be suspended or even expelled, which goes on your permanent record that is often viewed by jobs and post-secondary education — you are “cool” high schoolers after all. I mean look at all two of those likes! Students found to have vandalized school property will also be reported to law enforcement. How do ya like them apples?

You are not being funny. You are just disrupting the people around you.

So please, make smarter choices and respect those sitting next to you.