Mead High hosted Colorado’s largest Cross Country meet last weekend 

Over 50 teams participated from middle and high schools all across the state


Rachel Salaz

Nolan Hoffman (’23) competes in the 2021 Mead Stampede at Mead High School.

On Saturday Oct. 2, Mead High hosted 33 high school Cross Country teams and 22 middle school teams, forming the largest meet in Colorado that weekend.

A number of MHS students placed high during the meet. 

Nolan Hoffman (‘23) placed second in the Varsity HS Boys 5000 Meter Run with a time of 16:01.

Originally, Hoffman (‘23) was not sure if he would run that morning because he had a cold. He said that with support from his family, he felt he could do it.

Hoffman (‘23) also ended up placing higher than his brother, Nathan Hoffman (‘22) who placed fifth in the same race. 

Hoffman (‘23) added, “It felt good to beat my brother.” 

Lauren Caldwell (‘23) placed fifth in the Varsity HS Girls 5000 Meter Run with 20:11.

Caldwell (‘23) explained what it’s like to engage in the 5000 Meter Run. She said, “[You] hit this point where you give up or go hard; and once you decide to go hard, and you push yourself to the end, it feels really good.” 

Cars and buses filled the parking lot as the athletes began to warm up for their races. By the end of the meet, parking overfilled the lot and spilled into Country Road 7, with more than 1,100 people at the school. 

This weekend, Lyons is hosting the League Championship from 8:30 am at their high school.