School bathrooms may be shut down due to vandalism

There is a possibility bathrooms could get shut down if vandalism doesn’t stop


Taylor Wright

Bathrooms that continue to show signs of vandalism may be shut down.

Noel Major, Writer

As many students know, there has been some vandalism (mainly stemming from the devious licks TikTok trend) throughout Mead High School and other schools around the district. There have been drawings on the walls, stolen school property, and in some extreme cases in other American schools, the ripping of toilets and sinks off bathroom walls.

This is getting so bad that some principals (including MHS Principal Dr. Young) have threatened to limit school bathrooms instead of continuing to replace or fix vandalism results.

Dr. Young said during a Mav20 school announcement, “This is our last chance — the next time there is an event, we will be reducing ourselves to one supervised bathroom that will be available to all students in the building.” 

If bathrooms are shut down, that would mean all students would have to go to one bathroom. There would be longer bathroom waits and not as much additional privacy.

As a school, we need to work to keep our bathrooms so that we don’t have to wait forever to get into the bathrooms.

“Let’s take care of each other, let’s take care of our facilities. This is our home. Let’s look after one another,” said Dr. Young.