High school isn’t just academics: it helps build the whole person (Opinion)

Students spend many hours in school where they learn life lessons from peers, teachers, coaches, and their extracurricular experiences


Alex Olson

School teaches lessons that can be used for many years following graduation.

School plays an important role in the development of students as individuals. Students spend approximately 50 hours each week in school (without including any extracurricular activities). Every other day, we are surrounded by a majority of the same people. School offers us opportunities to gain knowledge. We meet teachers that we don’t always agree with and others who we deeply admire and grow close to.

Students around Mead High acknowledged that school is an impactful environment that provides opportunities to create different relationships and learn important lessons.

Some feel that education has instilled the value of diligence and hard work in their life.

Erik Torrez (‘22) encourages the student body to “not take school for granted”, always ask questions, and never be afraid of being judged for those questions. Many students would much rather remain silent than speak up because they are afraid of how others would see them if they ask about the subject being taught.

Torrez (‘22) emphasizes the need of maintaining a balance between school and having fun in life — not prioritizing one over the other.

Making relationships that can help you in the future is a valuable skill that can be learned in school.

Greta Richardson (‘22) pointed out that “it would be harder to meet people your age if you didn’t go to school”. As said by Richardson (‘22), a more professional relationship with other people in a school or work environment can help you later in life.

Isabelle Medina (‘22) said that she gained life lessons in school that will benefit her in the future. This included “how to manage time and how to interact with other people”. She also added, “I wouldn’t change [anything in the last four years] since [it all] created the person I am today.” 

Many students have at least one high school teacher who has had a significant impact on them. These teachers show that they want to see students flourish and attain their full potential.

Torrez (‘22) acknowledges that several instructors “had a great impact on [him] since they put an effort into [showing] that they want[ed him] to graduate.”

School is more than just sitting and taking notes. School is crucial in teaching us to grow and evolve, develop responsibility, and learn self-discipline. All can learn about social interaction and communications.

Though high school may feel overwhelming and exhausting, don’t take for granted the lessons it provides — the lessons that help us become better people for society.