Principal Young has made a great first impression (Opinion)

Dr. Young, in my personal experience, has made students feel valued and respected


Angel Villalobos

Dr. Young has made a positive impression on students across the board.

Mead High School’s new principal Dr. Brian Young has only been in his current position for a few months but has already been showing strong dedication to all students in the building.

As a relatively new transfer to Mead, I have been around a handful of different administrators in the past. From my experience, Dr. Young has shown incredible respect and care for his students. When I personally approached him with a problem, he immediately helped come up with a solution that was efficient and mature.

As a student, I felt like a priority the second I walked into his office.

I lost my wallet in a student’s truck earlier this school year and I had no way of getting it back — the student wasn’t cooperating. I had brought this to the attention of my Mav20 teacher, and she suggested I talk to Dr. Young about the concern. When I knocked on his door, he was already talking to someone in his office, but he still didn’t hesitate to wave me in and ask if everything was okay. When I explained the situation to him, I also disclosed that I wanted to find a solution that did not involve police action. I didn’t feel that it was a matter that needed the police, but it definitely needed some sort of intervention. He brainstormed with me and we eventually decided the best course of action was to inform this student’s mother of the situation, and kindly ask her to assist in bringing the wallet to the school.

I didn’t have access to my wallet for over a month, but as soon as my principal was involved I got my wallet back that same day.

In my experiences, Dr. Young takes initiative in helping students with their problems. He listens to what they are saying and genuinely cares about how students feel towards certain situations.

Though everyone has room for improvement, I truly believe that Dr. Young is going to make a big difference here at Mead High School. He has definitely made an effort to show up and be supportive of every extra curricular event that the school has been hosting, ranging from sports games to club fundraising events.

Regardless of the never ending busy schedule that comes with being a high school principal with many activities to attend, Dr. Young is showing utmost support and respect for all MHS students.