Snow days should not be spent on Webex (Opinion)

Some are frustrated that snow days have been replaced with online school through Webex


DJ Gallegos

As of the 2020-2021 school year, snow days are to be held online for SVVSD schools.

As many students know, SVVSD has replaced snow days with online classes via Webex. Students have been using Webex on and off for the past two years now. Some of the student body has continuously expressed their frustration — some classes can be very difficult online or aren’t necessary.

Robbie Reynolds (‘23) said, “This online stuff ruins school.” 

Webex is an online resource for teachers to educate their students over video. As a student myself, I’m tired of using Webex as a source to learn. I know I have peers that feel the same way. Some students find it hard to focus when staring at a screen all day. It is not healthy for students to stare at screens 24/7. 

It can be difficult to learn at home. Most of us are surrounded by distractions — loud noise, a lack of personal space, and overall constant business. Teenagers and phones are such a huge problem in school, and from what I’ve seen and experienced myself, they’re an even bigger problem at home. There can also be WiFi issues, especially on snowy days. Because of this, it can be very difficult to use iPads or computers for Webex using poor WiFi. 

On snow days, we as students want to take that time to be with our family, play in the snow, enjoy board games, watch movies, and drink hot cocoa. All these things allow for fun time to enjoy with your family. In the past, I’ve really enjoyed being able to watch movies and spend quality time with siblings. There’s so much more to enjoy than staying at home struggling to focus on an iPad or computer. With snow days we can have that time to go have fun with the ones we love.

On snow days I used to like to be with my siblings and take them out in the snow just to be together. Snow days can be a cherished opportunity for families who don’t get to spend much time together.

Students are so overwhelmed with school, and natural breaks from school can be beneficial.

“[Snow days help us] get a break from all the people and drama,” said Reynolds (‘23). Students can be really busy outside of school and get poor sleep.

Hunter Powers (‘23) said he spent his snow days “catching up on sleep and homework” in the past. By using a day just to get some rest, students can feel more focused for school the next day. 

After interviewing Ms. Emberg and other teachers, I found that teachers of MHS see both the positives and negatives of not having snow days.

“I think it depends on the day,” said Ms. Emberg. She said that in her opinion, everyone should stay home “if it’s a huge snow day like we had last year”. “But a few inches of snow, [we should still attend school],” said Ms. Emberg. 

Snow days shouldn’t add to the stress of students. Having a break from school is good not only for our mental health but to catch up on the things we need to do, or to go and be with our family. Snow days should give a natural every now-and-then break for students and staff — they shouldn’t be spent on Webex.