Breaks are a necessary part of handling high school stress (Opinion)

Stress can impact one’s performance in school and daily activities, and taking a break can help with that


The weight of stress on students is an ever growing pressure.

Savanah Bayer, Writer

School can be very stressful for some students. Sometimes taking a break is all we need. With the COVID-19 pandemic still happening, getting around obstacles to submit certain assignments can be difficult and being quarantined makes learning harder. 

Students can be overworked and need routine breaks. Personally, I often find myself having to stay up late turning in assignments and I find it difficult in the mornings to wake up. There is a lot expected of us. The days can be really overwhelming when they’re constantly full of assignments to complete and turn in.

Breaks are important because they give both students and teachers time to relax and catch up on assignments without any more work being added. I rarely have time to do the hobbies I like, but with a break, we are given the opportunity to do so. They can reduce stress and are beneficial. After a break students can be ready to learn with a clear and open mind.

Too much stress can have serious health effects. It can lower the efficiency of someone’s immune system and make them more susceptible to illness. Having too much stress can also impact your day because its negatively effects sleep patterns.

There are many ways that breaks have been taken away from students and teachers recently. The SVVSD district recently changed snow days in a way that requires online learning. Can you imagine being younger in the school system and never not once experiencing a true snow day?

Mask breaks at MHS have also been significantly reduced since the start of the school year.

There are ways to keep kids learning and working without turning them into machines. Not every day has to be entirely academic. I know that this isn’t always the intention when breaks are taken away, but it can still have negative effects.

There is always pressure to grow up. We should be able to enjoy this time of our lives. We need to take time to do the things we like and rest our minds.

Recharging can happen through many different kinds of break, but it is crucial if we as students are going to avoid burnout, a lack of motivation, and lowered health overall.