The Earth and you (poem)

Savanah Bayer, Writer

There’s a bright sun burning with passion

It makes your skin glow like fresh honey

It make the flowers blossom, the pollen floating in the air

Freckles like speckled flowers on your face

River running blue like your eyes, the river swirls in circles

Or the trees that climb up and up like your brown eyes

                                                                                         The Earth is beautiful like you 


But of course everything has another side

The rain is pouring like your emotions

You let the rain flump into a puddle full of regrets and flaws

That rain makes the flowers grow

That rain makes the river run

                                         Even though you have flaws, you still shine like the stars 


Your anger shows when the Earth cracks and crumbles

Your tiredness shows when the fog reaches across the land

Your softness shows when the snow covers everything

                                                                                         The Earth is beautiful like you 


You are not just happy sunny days

You are anger and emotion

You are excited jumping clouds

                                                                              And you are beautiful like the Earth