Feb. 23 is the deadline for teacher of the year nominations

Staff and students can nominate their favorite teacher for a yearly award presented by the district


DJ Gallegos

St. Vrain Valley Schools Education Foundation holds the nominations form.

Aspen Bingham, Writer

The last chance for students to nominate their favorite teacher is Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2022. The nominations will be looked over by St. Vrain Valley School District employees. The winning teacher will receive the 2022 Teacher of the Year Award.

Teachers are recognized for embodying five characteristics that impact the achievement of students. Those who are eligible for nomination must meet the appropriate standards and qualities established by St. Vrain Valley School Education Foundation. 

These qualities include the following:

Innovator: Frequently and appropriately challenges “accepted but outdated” methodologies with new approaches. 

Goal-Setter: Sets and maintains high standards for learning regardless of the class or student knowledge.

Motivator: Demonstrates a real love of teaching in most every lesson.

Subject Matter Expert: Understands and conveys the material taught.

Life Connector: Utilizes real-world examples and current topics in the classroom to emphasize the lesson’s importance. 

Click here to nominate and learn more about the easy nomination process.